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GameStop shares: what you need to know

The surge in GameStop has caught the market’s attention, and that of financial media. A small retail stock, in an industry in long-term decline, has seen its market value rise very rapidly, as retail traders, coordinating via the website Reddit, have bought into the stock using options, forcing the hedge funds that have taken short positions in it to close out their trades, pushing the stock yet higher. What is a short squeeze? This short squeeze is a classic market move, familiar

Why COP26 Matters for Markets

WHAT IS COP26 AND WHY DOES IT MATTER FOR MARKETS? Against the backdrop of rising energy prices leading to economic fallout for economies in Asia, Europe, and North America, COP26, a two-week event, is set to begin on October 31 in Glasgow, Scotland. The United Nations’ Conference of Parties (COP) was first held in 1995, and COP26 gets its name for this year’s meeting being the 26th iteration of such an event. History of global temperature change and causes of recent warming

Australian Dollar Technical Outlook Ahead: AUD/USD, AUD/CAD, EUR/AUD

AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR, AUD/USD, AUD/CAD, EUR/AUD – TECHNICAL OUTLOOK Australian Dollar facing mixed signals vs. USD, CAD and EUR AUD/USD may reverse higher on support, AUD/CAD ranging EUR/AUD downtrend remains despite recent consolidation AUD/USD 4-HOUR CHART The Australian Dollar faces its next potential opportunity to reverse the near-term downtrend against the US Dollar since the beginning of this month. AUD/USD is facing a combination o


ArvinIG in Analyst article

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