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IG Community Newsletter Announcement!




Hello IG Community,



A new addition to the IG Community

The IG Community Newsletter will be ready to view soon, we have upcoming market events, updates on what the community has been and will be up to, market news updates and how community members can get involved with the next newsletter.


Why have a Community newsletters?

It will contain important news and updates to make the Community aware, as well as our products updates and other significant information such as Community members sharing forum quality posts with relevant and informative content that will be featured on the newsletters.


Want to be featured in the next Community newsletter? How it works:

To be featured: Your forum posts can include the financial markets and marco-economic news announcements, trading strategies, technical analysis and charting, and our platform’s features.

Read our Community guides and submit your posts. https://community.ig.com/community-guidelines/

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, submit your comment we would love to hear from you. Thank you very much for sharing your valuable & useful feedback. There is also a dedicated forum to share, visit and click this link: Want to be featured in the next Community newsletter. Here at IG we want to make sure your suggestions or feedback help shape the future of the Community and future newsletters. 


All the best - MongiIG








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