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NFP: Non-Farm Payrolls Prints at +431k, USD in Focus as Q2 Begins




  • Today brings the release of Non-farm Payrolls data for the month of March, carrying an expectation of +490k on the heels of last month’s +678k.
  • Since last month’s print, we had the first Federal Reserve rate hike since 2018 and at that meeting Chair Powell opined that a lack of slack in the labor force was a main motivator of pushing for more-hawkish policy, going along with the 40-year highs in inflation that continue to print, evidenced most recently by yesterday’s PCE deflator.
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Non-Farm Payrolls Preview: Can we Expect a Rebound from Recent Weakness? |  IG EN

Updated After the NFP Release 8:39 AM ET

Non-farm Payrolls for the month of March has come in below expectations, printing at 431k v/s the expectation of 490k. But that was only a portion of this morning’s report as there was a massive revision to prior months’ data, with January being revised higher to +504k and February being revised up to a whopping +750k.

This will surely not help those that were hoping for the Fed to calm from the recent hawkish rhetoric.

But deeper within the report is even more positive items for the U.S. economy, as Average Hourly Earnings printed at 5.6% v/s the expected 5.5%, and the unemployment rate impressed, as well, coming in at 3.6% v/s the expected 3.7%.

So, all in all, this seems to be about as positive a report as we could hope for given a miss on the headline number. The bigger question and what remains to be answered is how market participants will price this in given the intense focus on the FOMC and the US Dollar.

At this point, just seven minutes after the release, the US Dollar is showing a muted move that’s essentially a net of flat.


NFP: Non-Farm Payrolls Prints at +431k, USD in Focus as Q2 Begins

Chart prepared by James Stanley; USD, DXY on Tradingview

Today brings the start of Q2 and this morning marks that new quarter with the release of Non-Farm Payrolls for the month of March.

The name of the game at this point is rate hikes out of the Fed but the questions is ‘how many’? The normally loose and passive Federal Reserve has been jolted into action by persistently-high inflation that, for much of 2021, they dismissed as ‘transitory.’ But, throughout the period inflation remained above target and the labor market remained red hot, and by November of last year the Fed had started the process of turning the Titanic outlay of loose fiscal policy into a more-hawkish direction.

The March FOMC rate decision marked the start of the bank’s hikes in the effort of tempering that inflation and just after the move, FOMC Chair Powell opined that one of the main motivators for the bank was just how hot the labor market had become. This morning is the first NFP report since that rate hike and this sets the stage for the next FOMC rate decision in early May, where the bank is currently expected to hike rates by 50 basis points.


--- Written by James Stanley, Senior Strategist for DailyFX.com. 1st April 2022


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