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Your feedback helps to improve IG


Why your feedback matters

Here at IG we want to make sure your suggestions help shape our direction and future. We appreciate that the best businesses are built around two-way communication with clients. That's why we provide a number of different ways for clients to quickly and easily talk to us. There is nothing worse than submitting feedback and feeling like your comments and suggestions have been jettisoned into the void of some unread inbox.

We want to take this opportunity to lay out how you can easily submit feedback, a few things we do on a daily basis with those communications, and finally a few recent instances of how we're reacted to things our clients have told us. 


How to submit feedback to IG

Dealing Platform: If you're logged into the platform you'll notice a 'quick feedback' option in the top right hand corner under 'Help'. When you submit your comments our systems will automatically book that against your account and file it in a report which we periodically collate and send to the relevant parties. 

1660601603_IGCommunityfeedbackoption.thumb.png.2bd97fa3a369da1fc369bf86be858fc0.pngCommunity: One of the easiest ways to submit feedback is via the IG Community. If you head over to the forums page you'll notice a 'Suggestions' section where you can have a search to see if your idea has been submitted before. If it hasn't you can simply start a new topic, pop in your request, and post it publically on Community.

The best thing about this being public is that if other clients are also looking for the same thing, they can up vote your suggestion or add a comment. The more clients that want something, the higher the likelihood of it happening. Reports will be collated and passed to the relevant teams. 

Direct Message: While the methods described above are generally easier, you may sometimes want to send us a direct message. You can check out our Contact Us page to send a message via a browser contact form.


A few things we do with your feedback

Daily feedback reports: When a feedback item comes into our client facing trading services team we first see if any immediate action is required (e.g. if there is an easy resolution or different way to get the same desired result). We then tag the contact with a 'feedback' tag. All items tagged in this way are collated daily and sent to the appropriate business owners. Staff with various specialisms, from those who deal with user experience to our charting developers and data scientists, receive these reports. 

Steering committees: Client feedback is also fed directly back to the appropriate areas within the business via meetings set up to decide the rollout roadmap for specific products. We also regularly meet with third party vendors such as Pro Real Time or Signal providers to discuss feedback points and figure out how to resolve any client pain points. 

Client communication meetings: Every couple of weeks our communication teams meet with client-facing managers. Both trading services and our dealing desk give an update regarding inbound contacts and the wider market movements, and any client feedback (direct or implied) is discussed. 


Examples of recent changes due to client feedback

All-sessions chart data: A pain point for clients was the bad spikes on all session pre-market data for big stocks like Apple, Amazon etc. A working group including representatives from the shares desk, our trading services technical support team, and pricing, implemented some solutions to filter the bad data, and correct historical data.

1601079458_IGCommunitydarktheme.png.72c03196ba3aa9e0c11e58f2263416a7.pngAlmost all chart updates on the new platform: The charts roadmap is strongly influenced by client feedback. Things like customisable colours, new drawings, extra Fibonacci levels, and features like the dark theme, have all been implemented thanks to feedback from our clients.

PRT Wizards: We get a lot of clients telling us that using Pro Real Time for the first time can be quite difficult because of the flexibility, complexity, and customisation options of the charts. Pro Real Time has now implemented walkthrough wizards to guide clients through using PRT for the first time (and for specific features like customising deal templates). 


Keep an eye out for product updates

Not every suggestion we receive can be implemented as we need to balance the business roadmap with client feedback and requests, but every feedback item will be documented and reviewed by the appropriate team.

We also have a brand new 'Products Update' blog on Community where we will be updating all clients on recent rollouts and additions to the IG platform. Some of these changes will be implemented as a direct result of your feedback, so please make sure you keep your comments coming using the above methods. 


All the best
IG Community Moderator Team


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It would be nice if we can have a DARK UI for the IPAD APP like  the web platform :) 
It is much more comfortable for they eyes.

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