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Memorial Day and Spring Break Trading Hours



Please note that our trading hours on some US an UK markets will be changing for Memorial Day and Spring Break. Check the table below to see how the changes could impact your trading. Where applicable, all times are listed in British Summer Time (BST).

Monday 27 May








US equity markets will be closed.

US index futures will close early at 6 pm. We’ll offer out-of-hours pricing from 6 pm until futures reopen at 11 pm.

US interest rates and bonds will close early at 6 pm.

US soft commodities are closed. US metals and energies will close early at 7.30 pm.

The VIX closes early at 4.30 pm and reopens at 11 pm.






UK equity markets and index futures will be closed. We will offer out-of-hours pricing on the FTSE 100.

UK commodities are closed, apart from Brent Crude, Heating Oil and London Gas Oil futures which close early at 6.30 pm.

UK interest rates and bonds will be closed.

These hours are accurate to the best of our knowledge but could change. 


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