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New platform feature: new visibility icon



On the back of client feedback and to make the platform easier to navigate, we have now made the ‘show’ button easier to find by adding the toggle to the top of the charts.

By clicking this button, you will be able to customize the information that appears on your charts. These functionalities were previously available by right clicking on the graph, however due to significant and continued client use they’re now only one click away.






Graph features you can add:

  • HLOC: By enabling HLOC data you will be able to see the high, low, open and close prices by hovering over a candlestick on your chart.
  • Drawings: The drawings button will enable you to see or hide any drawing you may have set up. This button will make it easier to work with drawings, as you can hide them all at the same time without having to discard each drawing individually.
  • Indicators: As like with drawings, this button will make it easier to hide all indicators that are selected, without having to delete each indicator individually.
  • Open positions: By enabling open positions on your chart, you will see a line displaying your open position(s) and the level at which it was open.

open positions.PNG


  • Working orders: Enabling working orders will allow you to see any working orders you may have set up for that market as a line along its trigger price.

working order.PNG


  • Position preview: Enabling position preview will allow you to see a visual representation of your trade on the graph as you fill in the deal ticket. You can visit this link to find out more about deal position preview.
  • Timeline: Enabling the timeline will allow you to see, at the bottom of the graph, the range of dates selected to appear on the graph.
  • Price changes: Enabling price changes will show the absolute change, the percentage change, the high, the low and the time frame to which it applies; all shown at the bottom of the graph.
  • Price line: Enabling price line will show a line across the graph where the current price is.
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