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Drag to set your stops and limits on charts before you have placed a deal (and view % change in HLOC)



Set stops and limits on charts: click, drag and drop

You can now use a 'drag and drop' functionality to set the stops and limits on your chart before you have placed a trade. This is available for anyone who has 'Position Preview' enabled. If you don't have this turned on, simply right click on your charts and make sure 'Position Preview' is ticked.

When you are setting you trade and you have selected 'Buy' or 'Sell' you will see the 'Stop/Limit' option appear. Hover over the horizontal line and left click, hold down, and drag to create an absolute stop or limit level.

2019-04-16 16_25_13-IG Trading Platform _ Spread Betting.png

To set the stop or limit simply release the left mouse button. The platform will know if this is a stop or a limit automatically depending on which way you drag your cursor. You should notice that the stop and/or limit will be an absolute figure, and whilst the 'points away' in the deal ticket will change and react accordingly, the stop/limit level on that chart will remain absolute. 

As with other stops and limits, you can move this at a later date if you wish. 


penny.jpgHLOC % Change 

We have also added a further row to HLOC data to share % Change. To bring up HLOC data requires a right click, followed by Show > HLOC Data. Once selected hovering over the chart candlesticks should bring up the required information. 


Video example 

You can see both of these features in the video below. Notice how when the stop and limit has been dragged to the appropriate level, the level itself remains absolute whilst the stop and limit 'Points Away' in the deal ticket moves with the market. 


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