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New trade analytics added to your account



Improve trading performance with our new tool

Discover our new trade analytics tool, designed to help you evaluate and improve your trading performance. Accessed directly in the platform, it enables you to:

·        Gain deeper insight into your winning and losing trades

·        Identify and eliminate expensive trading mistakes

·        See your total returns, including all fees and adjustments

·        Monitor how much you pay in costs and charges

We want you to keep building on your trading successes. To do that, you need data that lets you see exactly what worked well, and what didn’t. That’s why we’ll soon be adding extra features to make your trades even more transparent, as we continue to enhance the tool.


Where can I find the tool?

The new feature can be found in the  ‘live accounts’ tab in My IG and select ‘trade analytics’ on the left-hand menu.




Where can I discuss this tool in the community

We did test this tool with some traders late last year meaning some clients would have seen the tool before others. If you want to chat with other traders about this feature, click on the forum below: 



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What would be good would being able to see what the stats would look like identifiying scratches along with winners and losers. E.g. let the use set Scratches at (say) +or- 25% of average loss and then displaying win loss ratios and expected returns net of scratches as additional information. And seeing what the stats are with regard to scratches.

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