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  2. Hi all, been up and running and watching from the side lines. Thanks for putting the list up early as I made my own list from the gap scanner from ideas but you seemed to have more plus alot of the tickers I could not trade on IG but jumped on TG Therapeutics at 973 and took some money from that. Then jumped back in at 1059 and she plummeted and my heart just sank. I managed to ride it back up to 1053 and got out with a small profit of £20. Should have put my stop in but am still learning to get out quick . I was so lucky it went back up. Thought I was going to be on a bad loss because I didn't get out early enough. I find that if you only gain a small amount each day its better that going hard at it and loosing. Still got loads to learn. Anyway cant wait till monday. Great content and look forward to next week. Have a great weekend.
  3. Is it safe to come out now?
  4. Alright guys, this is it for today Finishing up £48. First tried BLRX, but it was just selling off. Stop-loss hit immediately. After that I struggled to find any momentum at all, so decided to play some shorts on IPXL. Worked out well, especially the second leg. End of week 3: -£132 Account Balance: £658 Total Performance: +£158 Let's see what we can wing next week, more or less the last real trading week of the year! If I can get the account back up to £1k, happy. If staying below £1k, then gonna extend the DEMO into January.
  5. Retail traders get to fight over leftovers once the big piggies have filled their bellies.
  6. This is just buy the rumour, sell the news ... Think you have to be in Trump's inner circle to benefit from it.
  7. Massive swings and bearish candles forming on the hourly chart. Untradeable
  8. Maybe it's on the turn. A close above 50 SMA would be good. No 'catalysts' though. No 'compelling story' or 'castle in the air'.
  9. Next up Phase II 🥳🥳🥳 lol.
  10. Why? Money comes out of U.S. treasuries and safe havens and into 'riskier things'. And isn't the Fed about to start pumping 'half a trillion' into the free-money trough that all the big banks have their snouts in ...
  11. China confirms agrees deal;
  12. Dow's just jumped 100 pts after China says 'Major progress is being made on trade'
  13. He signed the deal last night, the WSJ claimed the deal involved a massive slashing of tariffs, that was what Trump claimed was fake news, he said they needed to find a better leaker.
  14. People believed US would be strong today due to Trump confirming a good deal but now there's some confusing about the US-China trade deal. He're a quick breakdown from Reuters: https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-usa-trade-china/u-s-sets-china-trade-deal-terms-sources-say-but-beijing-mum-idUKKBN1YG0JW
  15. According to Reuters, Trump did an about-face and said WSJ got it all wrong.
  16. Charlotte can you put up info regarding buying a Put option. Or is it the same?
  17. China press conference live; http://www.reuters.tv/l/Pltw/2019/12/13/china-s-state-council-holds-newser-on-us-china-trade-talks
  18. Ah well, I've given up all that I made in the last day. Here's hoping the sell offs just now are just priming the pump for another push up.
  19. Gonna go with that Although will be a short trading session today, only have 30mins, then a meeting (blah) (might be positive for my profits though )
  20. I gotta good feeling about this today - UK stocks are already surging on the back of the election result, so possibly that US is having a great day as well. Already lots of gappers on the list
  21. I'd be concerned that the bulls had a go this morning but couldn't manage any follow through and have now let the bears push price back down through the morning's buying level (1.3356). So from here I'd want to see the bulls take back control to rally price back up around 1.3400 and then see a pullback before looking to enter. They really should have done a better job on the first effort.
  22. It's testing the pivot and going into oversold mode. If it can hold then will buy once RSI crosses above 30 😺
  23. I am trying to buy shares in this Saudi Arabia oil company Aramco. How do I buy it on this platform?
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