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  2. Hi, yes you can, there is a period coverter with mt4 and in the IG download app pack but a better one you can download from this page. MT4 Period Converter - Use Custom Time Frames in Metatrader 4 (fxdayjob.com) Download the converter, make a copy from your download folder, paste it into the mt4 indicators folder (step 2). Open the navigator panel in mt4, right click and click Refresh, the new coverter should appear. Open a M1 Dow, drag and drop the Converter from the Navigator panel onto the M1 and follow the other steps on the web page. The chart you create is an of
  3. Is it possible to get a 2 minute chart of DAX and DOW on MT4? I would like to use the EasyOrder script to automatically calculate my stake size when opening trades on a 2 minute chart, but I can't find one anywhere, and can't work out how to create a custom chart..
  4. The one thing with the markets is although you can predict WHEN, you can't predict with consistent accuracy the PRICE LEVEL they will rise or fall to As is proven in the post above WELL before the time and INADVANCE I'll do a more complete and fuller review following the next TC date of 4th June 2021 Reaction to the 4th June Date? This TC (Please note TC's of the SAME colour are linked - Different coloured TC's are well as the name suggests - different TC and different degrees) in the past has been very hit and miss, it should cause a reaction but how much and to what degree I
  5. The PSY OPS looks like being ratcheted up a gear as the clowns prep to hit you with the impossible 'ZERO COVID' goal as the next instalment to keep this sh!tshow on the road. Remember scientists are just as easily bought off as politicians these days. Leaked emails from Zero-Covid advocacy group ISAG.
  6. Hi, shares bought through IG are registered in CHESS. IG uses the Custodian model because it allows for electronic share trading instead of paper share trading, also see below, and as Charlotte said in the thread she will reply after liaising with IG au on Monday.
  7. Well, its not rocket science If a punter with negative balance protection buy a stock on margin and IG buy the stock to hedge the bet, what happens if the stock go down to zero? And if IG takes the other side (not hedging) and the stock goes up 200%? Add then whats happens when the market "crash" (flash crash) and everybody tries to sell the same stock at the same time Its all about risk "“Retail investors are such an important part of the financial markets, but until now have largely been ignored because they tended to buy and sell in isolation,” he warned. “Now they
  8. Hello, My documents have been approved on the app, bit my account has not been activated and therefore not fully functional yet. Is there any update on when this will be amended please? Thanks
  9. Hi Charrlotte, for some reason my application keeps getting rejected. What is it exactly that I'm missing? Aren't there systems in place from preventing me from trading any further than what I can afford? Yet I'm still not allowed to trade with CFD's??
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  11. hay wiseys.....only if the think they might loose money on them
  12. hmmmm soo i have three stocks i bought on my spread bet account no probs for last year or so until now ,,,,,it appears they are now 100%leverage so have serviced the margin call only to be told i have to close all three by 29 march ...... wtf really can ya do that ....ohhh yes we can sell you these stocks .....wait a minuit weve changed our minds there going up you have to sell them right away ......if they make me sell them im going on social media ....get out dudes its a scam
  13. most people are fully aware that the system is against them any greed motivated bussiness has only its own self interest in mind .... they get away with it because no one stands up to them .... the appropriate channels are all biased to the money maker ,,,, there is now another route for ya plain old guy on the street,,,, social media is a powerfull tool ...... the fca and all the other **** pot organisations only pull there pants down for big companies ...ig cant do what they like when they like that bad bussiness
  14. pffft inconvenience really ..... you were happy too sell these equities too us your customers in the first place ....your change of how you now view these products surely should only affect your client involvement after your view was changed .....when i purchased my products from you it was never pointed out to me that although i have paid for and fully serviced my purchase you could at any time change your mind and confiscate my products just because they are no longer profitable assets to yourselves.....when a trade is made you are obliged to fulfill it full stop....this must be illegal sure
  15. Dear All simplest solutions to all this kafafo is that IG is like communist Broker , Do as we tell u. Once this matter resolves you people should be thinking about also dealing with another Broker . why stick to IG. Broking is not Monopoly Business, and let me tell you one thing . Brokers do not give Monkeys about their customer, IG is no exception. why are you all getting your Blood pressure high . Once you start giving some of your business to other broker then IG blood pressure will get high ( Loss of Income ) if you want to understand how Brokers work then please listen on YOU TUBE a
  16. If I do an ASX trade on February 28th before midnight GMT will that trade counted as February (i.e. GMT) or March (Ozzie time). I have two February trades and need another to receive Frequent Trader status for March.
  17. if you were willing to let your clients purchase something you cant then say ohhh no we have changed our minds you have to sell it......im covering the 100% margin you requested ive serviced all charges required to maintain my possition ....there is no ethical reason that allows you to force my possition in any way... we made a deal ...... when i purchased stocks from you and they plummeted did i say ohhh no sorry i didnt really want them can i have my money back .....this is unacceptable behaviour and i will definately be pursuing it a lot further
  18. thats one brilliant strategy ,,,,let your clients purchase all the stocks they wish then take charges for letting them make that purchase ...then when these stocks look like they might be moving make them sell them .......if i am covering the 100% margin on stocks you allowed me to buy what ethical reason could you possibly have to take them off me ....fair enough close the buy side ,,,,,all sold out ...but forcing me to selll is like me buying a stock on the buy side and when it plummet saying oh no i didnt really want to buy give me my money back.....sick
  19. I am very frustrated as I've attempted to withdraw my funds several times, and each time it comes back with "unable to return funds". The funds have settled in my account (i.e. I am passed T+3 settlement period, and the cash is available to withdraw). I am withdrawing to the same method that I deposited the funds, which is my bank Visa card. But I am still unable to withdraw some funds around £1200. Please help.
  20. @CharlotteIG This is not frustration Charlotte, this is absolute anger, rage and fury; I have affected positions that are currently trading at a loss which could easily be in profit in a timescale acceptable to me - in the meantime I pay the associated costs, Saga being a prime example, yet IG are forcing me to take £000's of cash loss through no fault; IG have accepted a commercial contract on which they are now reneging at my significant cost
  21. Maybe IG have decided that with such exceptional demand, they don't need to worry about long term clients. The exceptional mob will not be around for the long haul. As a result of what IG have done, long term clients may not be around for the long haul either.
  22. Charlotte, we keep seeing the message that's it's small caps that have been withdrawn. It isn't. For example, Hikma has a market cap of £5.2bn and is in the FTSE100. How do we know which other companies IG might decide to do the same to? We are also told that it's due to exceptional client demand. In that case, limit new opening positions (buy and sell). Why should we long-term clients suffer due to this?
  23. Hey, I've sent an email over to our aus corporate actions team regarding this. I will have an update by Monday We're not able to give out the HIN number as we're nominee account.
  24. Is a unit split possible in IG and how much does it cost?
  25. We're so sorry that you couldn't get through to us and the impact it's had. I will pass this message onto our senior team to show the impact this is having. If you haven't already please reach out to us if you can't wait on the phone please email and request a call back. Make sure your exposure is correct then mention you did try to ring and ask them to take that into consideration when resolving the issue. All the best and apologies to both of you
  26. Hey, I completely understand your frustration and I will pass it onto our senior team as well as the exposure desk. The decisions has been made but I'm so sorry for how it's impacting your trading. With exceptional client demand in the equity space, we have reviewed our 12000 leveraged markets and decided to withdraw less than 1000 small cap equities, after a review of associated returns on these markets. We will continue to support these markets for Share Dealing, where that product is available. Sorry again for this inconvenience. All the best
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