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  3. Hi, not sure what's wrong there, do the order level sliders come up on the chart and what happens if you move the stop up and down? Also if a live account check what happens on demo and if demo account check on live.
  4. Due to the smaller market capitalisation we're not able to offer this stock on leveraged accounts. If you would like it added to share dealing accounts let me know so I can get our shares desk to add it. All the best
  5. Hi Caseynotes, Thanks for your help. I did what you suggested and this is what I received :- Oder submitted What then happened. Where did I go wrong ?
  6. while you've been sat there wasting your time the market just dropped 100 points and is still going. you should look and listen.
  7. So you're a medical expert as well. Aren't you a clever d!ck?
  8. Opened a short on the Dax around the daily R1 pivot and closed around the daily pivot.
  9. Blah blah blah What about your trades?
  10. If the market conditions are a choppy consolidation then a scalp with a high probability setup is less risky than aiming for an extended swing trade.
  11. Go on then, tell us about your trades today.
  12. Hi did you try the fix on this page, new platform about half way down, https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/charts/ig-charts/why-are-my-ig-charts-not-working?ref=FlashPDLeverage
  13. So you scalp on short time frames, good that you can do that - in my experience it is a complete disaster and there's general agreement (as far as I can tell) that it is by far the riskiest and hardest way of trading. And if you're doing minimum bet size, 20 or 30 points in your favour isn't even worth the hassle.
  14. google says there are around 10 million traders world wide and you've probably heard of around 50 educators selling trading courses 🤔
  15. Good point. The range compared to the spread is still good. I don’t care if the main move it is all over in 2 hours.
  16. No wonder so many 'successful traders' make their money from selling training courses
  17. No jobs left in the UK - you're all on your own while BoJo plots out his lucrative career https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-health-coronavirus-britain-retail/british-high-street-reeling-as-another-5000-jobs-go-idUKKBN24A1WO
  18. Hi @THT, just wanted to thank you for taking the time to explain your set of rules in great detail. Some of your comments have been said as well by profitable traders in other posts and podcasts that I watched/listened in the past. When you start a post labeling it as "I am going to tell you how to win" it is very difficult for someone to believe that what is coming next is of any value, but reading it carefully I find similarities with many of what I heard before. I'll be reading if you are willing to carry on posting your thoughts. Thank you again.
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