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  2. Apple share price: Q4 earnings preview Apple Q4 earnings to be driven by iPhone 12 sales. Source: Bloomberg Shares Apple Inc. Price iPhone Revenue COVID-19 pandemic Shaun Murison | Senior Market Analyst, Johannesburg | Publication date: Thursday 21 October 2021 When are the Apple results? Apple Inc. the world’s largest company by market capitalization, is set to report quarter four (Q4) 2021 earnings on 28 October 2021. What ‘the Street’ expects from Apple Q4 2021 results? Apple Inc. no longer issues forward guidance for its quarterly results due to the Covid-19 pandemic, its effects on supply chains and in turn the uncertainty of future earnings. That being said, Apple has done very well through the Covid-19 pandemic period and has had a very strong year thus far. The follows on from the June quarter where revenue records were realized in each of the group’s geographic segments and double-digit growth was recorded in each of the group’s product categories. iPhone 12 demand is expected to be the primary driver of revenue and earnings growth, while iPhone 13 sales will only have a material impact on the next reporting quarter (Q1 2022). Markets will be hoping that forward guidance from the group is reinstated with a particular focus on how chip shortages could effect sales going forward. For the reporting quarter however, iPhone sales are suggested by JP Morgan to be within the range of 55 to 58 million units, equating to around $46 billion in sales. A consensus of estimates from Refinitiv data for the upcoming Q4 2021 Apple results arrive at the following: Revenue for the quarter of $84.8 billion Earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter of $1.23 How to trade Apple results In terms of an institutional view as of 20 October 2021, a Refinitiv poll of 42 analysts have an average rating of ‘buy’ for Apple, with a long-term price target (mean) of $168.35. Source: Refinitiv In terms of a retail trading view, as of 20 October 2021, IG Client Sentiment data shows 93% of IG clients with open positions expect the price to rise in the short term, while 7% expect the price to fall in the near term. Source: IG Apple share price – technical view Source: IG charts In our previous earnings preview note on Apple, we looked at the price breaking out of the bullish triangle formation. The move fell marginally short of the 160.50 projected target and the price has since retraced back to the 200 day simple moving average (SMA) displayed by the blue line. The ‘w’ shape below the 143.50 level is known as a double bottom formation in technical analysis terms. In context this pattern suggests that the correction or downtrend since the recent price high for Apple is now over. 160.50 continues to be our favoured upside target as the short-term trend now resumes up in line with the longer-term uptrend. Only on a move below the 200 day SMA currently at 135.80 would we reassess the merits of our long bias to trades on Apple. Summary Q3 2021 results are scheduled for 28 October 2021 Revenue for the quarter of $84.8 billion expected EPS for the quarter of $1.23 expected The average long term broker rating consensus for Apple is ‘buy’ 93% of IG clients with open positions on Apple expect the price to rise in the near term The long term trend for Apple remains up The short term uptrend for Apple has resumed
  3. I would love to know how you go. My understanding is that we are not allowed to buy directly. I saw that ETF on their exchange but I saw one mention of an index tracker somewhere but i cant find it. I saw that the brokerage in and out if we buy directly is more than 4%. It's a lot. Also, one of their big stocks just got suspended. It's high risk but it seems to be doing well. Exhange rates are going to be a bit of a risk too.
  4. Anchoring bias What is anchoring bias in trading? Anchoring bias is the tendency for traders to allow an initial piece of information to have a disproportionate influence on future decisions, regardless of its relevance. For example, research by Kaustia, Alho and Puttonen showed that individual's estimates of stock returns were significantly influenced by the starting value they were given – the 'anchor'. When participants were given a high historical stock return they were more likely to estimate that the future return would also be high, while a group given a lower initial value had far lower estimates. Anchoring bias can have dangerous consequences in trading, as it might mean that a trader holds on to an asset far longer than they should do, or that they make an inaccurate assessment of an asset's worth based on the anchor value. How can traders prevent anchoring bias? The best way to prevent anchoring bias in trading is by performing comprehensive research and analysis of the market to identify your own anchor. IG's study showed that only 28% of traders and investors used personal experience as a source of information. But by doing your own analysis of macroeconomic trends and historical data, you will be better placed to identify key support and resistance levels. It is important to have confidence in your own plan before you look at someone else's estimates – whether this is an analyst or fellow trader. Things to keep in mind...
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    Currently 2 platforms i am aware of. C-Trade https://ctrade.co.zw/ ZSE Direct https://zsedirect.co.zw/ I havent used ZSE yet, but i have set-up an account with C-Trade. It was pretty simple, but the platform is not great. You will need a Zim bank account to deposit funds. I have not started trading yet, but will do in the next couple of days. Happy to update you on my progress. In relation to index tracking. There is an Old Mutual ZSE Top-10 ETF that started trading earlier this year. Hope this helps.
  7. Market data to trade on Friday: US crude; LSE & SLB Ending a big week for US earnings, IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor highlights oil field services company Schlumberger (SLB) as the one to watch on Friday, alongside American Express and Honeywell. In the UK there’s London Stock Exchange. Then, watch the usual Friday release of the Baker Hughes rig count data. https://www.ig.com/uk/market-insight-articles/market-data-to-trade-on-friday--us-crude--lse---slb-211021
  8. Does anyone know how I can invest in Zimbabwe from Australia. I read somewhere that there is an index tracking product but i can't find it.
  9. USD/TRY, CBRT Price Analysis & News: USD/TRY Hits as Fresh Record High. Turkish Central Bank Delivers Larger Than Expected Cut. The Turkish Central Bank cut its weekly repo rate to 16%, marking a 200bps cut vs expectations for a 50-100bps reduction. In reaction to the larger than expected rate cut, the USD/TRY soared to a fresh record high of 9.4780. Keep in mind, that this rate cut comes amid an environment of rising inflationary pressures, a softer currency, while other EM central banks are tightening policy. However, due to Erdogan’s unorthodox views that lower interests rate equates to lower inflation, the Turkish Central Bank find itself in an easing cycle. Not a good recipe for an already weak Turkish Lira. The Bank noted that due to supply-side transitory factors, this leaves limited room for the downward adjustment to the policy rate until year-end. A reminder that earlier in the year, the Governor stated that the policy rate will remain above the inflation rate. However, with President Erdogan the de factor Governor of the central bank I wouldn’t rule out such possibility that rates will not be lowered again. TURKISH INTEREST RATES VS INFLATION RATE Source: Refinitiv In light of the larger than expected rate cut, it will be hard to argue that USD/TRY cannot reach the psychological 10.00 level in the coming months. USD/TRY CHART: DAILY TIME FRAME Source: Refinitiv As a side note, volatility in the Turkish Lira is important for equity traders, namely those who have exposure to Spanish Banks and the IBEX 35, which we have highlighted previously. By Justin McQueen, Strategist, 21st October 2021. DailyFX
  10. Hi @Furlls Your request has been submitted. All the best - MongiIG
  11. Name of stock - Digital World Acquisition Corp Name of Stock Exchange - NASDAQ Leverage or Share dealing - Share dealing Ticker - DWAC Country of the stock - USA Market Cap - 359.734M
  12. Charting the Markets: 21 October FTSE 100, DAX, and Dow pause after latest push higher. EUR/USD and GBP/USD are still aiming for further gains, while USD/JPY has continued its sideways movement. And gold and Brent crude gain ground, but questions remain. https://www.ig.com/uk/market-insight-articles/charting-the-markets--21-october-211021 This is here for you to catch up but if you have any ideas on markets or events you want us to relay to the TV team we’re more than happy to.
  13. EUR/USD and GBP/USD move up as USD/JPY drifts sideways EUR/USD and GBP/USD are still aiming for further gains, while USD/JPY has continued its sideways movement. Source: Bloomberg Forex United States dollar EUR/USD Japanese yen USD/JPY GBP/USD Chris Beauchamp | Chief Market Analyst, London | Publication date: Thursday 21 October 2021 EUR/USD still in upward move EUR/USD continues to climb as it has done over the past week, with no reversal yet in sight. As a result, we look for further gains in the direction of the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) at $1.1711, and then on to the late September high at $1.1756. Source: ProRealTime GBP/USD returns to September peak Crunch time is rapidly approaching for the GBP/USD bulls, after a huge rally off the September low. Gains in September stalled at $1.39, with the price now targeting this zone, as well as the 200-day simple moving average (SMA) at $1.385. There have only been small intraday pullbacks, but as with EUR/USD, an actual reversal has yet to develop. Notably the price has continued to post higher daily lows over the past week and more. Source: ProRealTime USD/JPY drifts sideways USD/JPY's bounce has weakened but not gone into a complete reversal. Sellers have been unable to push the price below ¥113.85, Tuesday’s low. Until this happens more short-term consolidation looks likely, as a prelude to another push above ¥114.50. Source: ProRealTime
  14. GBP/USD PRICE, NEWS AND ANALYSIS: GBP/USD continues to find it difficult to break convincingly above 1.38, which is not just providing “round number” resistance but is also where an important trendline checks in. The latest UK public sector net borrowing (PSNB) figures were better than expected in September but haven’t changed expectations of an imminent UK interest rate increase. GBP/USD STRUGGLING WITH RESISTANCE GBP/USD continues to find it difficult to break convincingly above “round number” resistance at 1.38, which is also where a downward-sloping trendline connecting the recent lower highs checks in. GBP/USD PRICE CHART, TWO-HOUR TIMEFRAME (SEPTEMBER 30 - OCTOBER 21, 2021) Source: IG (You can click on it for a larger image) BULLISH OUTLOOK FOR GBP Nonetheless, GBP is still well underpinned by market expectations that the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee will increase UK interest rates next month. According to overnight index swaps (OIS) prices, there is an 80% chance of a 25 basis point rate rise being agreed when the MPC next meets on November 3/4 and publishes its monetary policy report. That expectation has not been changed by the latest UK public sector net borrowing data for September, excluding public sector banks, that show a smaller than expected deficit of £21.8 billion, better than the £22.6 billion forecast by analysts but worse than a revised £16.8 billion in August. It was still the second-highest September figure since monthly records began in 1993. The data are unlikely to change expectations for the UK budget and spending review due on October 27. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak will likely announce several measures to try to balance the books after spending billions to lift the economy from the downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. BULLISH SENTIMENT SIGNAL FOR GBP/USD Turning to sentiment, IG client positioning data are sending out a positive signal for GBP/USD. An analysis of the positions of retail traders using the company’s platforms shows that 44.61% of them are net-long, with the ratio of traders short to long at 1.24 to 1. The number of traders net-long is 0.46% higher than yesterday but 16.42% lower than last week, while the number of traders net-short is 7.24% higher than yesterday and 1.12% higher than last week. Here at DailyFX, we typically take a contrarian view to crowd sentiment, and the fact traders are net-short suggests GBP/USD prices may rise. Moreover, traders are further net-short than yesterday and last week, and the combination of current sentiment and recent changes gives us a stronger GBP/USD-bullish contrarian trading bias. Written by Martin Essex, Analyst, 21st October 2021. DailyFX
  15. *BREAKING NEWS*: 'The Telegraph' "Covid likely to be fatal ‘only for the very old and already infirm’" Ground breaking stuff from our mainstream media, reporting what everyone knew over 18 months ago. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 Covid likely to be fatal ‘only for the very old and already infirm’ (telegraph.co.uk)
  16. What can we expect for copper prices? After surging close to 15% over the past weeks, can the rally for copper prices sustain? Source: Bloomberg Yeap Jun Rong | Market Strategist, Singapore | Publication date: Thursday 21 October 2021 What can we expect for copper prices? Near-term, copper prices are riding on the energy shortage crisis. While the crisis prompted metal supply cuts from China to Europe, a rebound in economic activities due to improved vaccination rates have concurrently been driving demand. The supply-demand imbalance has been reflected in the near-record low for global copper stockpiles, along with copper contracts trading in steep backwardation on the London Metal Exchange. A look at the copper net non-commercial positioning data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) indicated an increase in net-long positions from the week before. However, as copper prices near its all-time closing high, one may note that non-commercial net-long positions widely trail behind its February 2021 high. This may suggest that some market participants continue to stay on the sidelines, over concerns of softening industrial production in China and further reserve sales putting a cap on further upside. Source: Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Recent moves by China’s government to rein in coal prices ahead of winter may spur some worries that authorities are increasingly concerned on surging commodity prices, which may flow through into industrial metals. Markets caught a glimpse of this back in June, when China released some industrial metals from its national reserves to curb surging prices, fuelling some expectations that price upside may be capped by government intervention. Copper – technical analysis After a recent surge above its previous consolidation zone, copper prices have come off a little from its three-month high and continues to hover above the key US$10,000 per metric ton mark. A recent retest of the US$10,000 level yesterday was met with a bullish rejection, suggesting that buyers are trying to keep in control. A break below this level may potentially bring further downside to the US$9,476 level next, where a previous resistance will now serve as support. Source: IG Charts
  17. Gold and Brent crude gain ground, but questions remain Gold continues to rise, although concerns remain over monetary tightening. Meanwhile, the Brent crude uptrend has paused below a multi-year trendline. Source: Bloomberg Joshua Mahony | Senior Market Analyst, London | Publication date: Thursday 21 October 2021 Gold on the rise despite rate hike concerns Gold has been on the rise over the course of the week thus far, with price reversing upwards in the wake of the latest downside retracement. There is a good chance we ultimately push up towards the $1834 region given how price has been seemingly drawn to that level over recent months. However, the expectations of tightening monetary policy provides a cause for concern for bulls. With that in mind, a break below $1760 would bring a more bearish picture back into play. Source: ProRealTime Brent crude rallies into long-term trendline resistance Brent crude has been consolidating for much of the week, with price largely stumbling around a long-term trendline resistance. The existence of this multi-year trendline does provide a major hurdle that needs to be overcome. With that in mind, a break up through $85.55 resistance would be required to bring a bullish continuation signal. Conversely, a break back below the $83.13 swing-low would bring a signal of impending short-term weakness. Source: ProRealTime
  18. @u0362565 Hopefully you've designed and thought about the trailing stop aspect by now - here's what I do Refer to the chart below and past price action - its not 100% and at some point you'll get caught out only for the move to work as thought, but that's trading for us! I've deliberately not focused too much on trailing stops in this thread as that's the part people need to think about for themselves and is a key aspect to winning in this game As well as those 2 trades the SP500 created a Gann Secondary Reaction on the minor swing #1 (blue) too - which hit target during yesterdays bar (last bar on the chart) for a 8R return and with hindsight! shouldn't of cashed out trade 2 on the minor 50% level at the prev swing high! SP500 Index:
  19. FTSE 100, DAX, and Dow pause after latest push higher FTSE, DAX, and Dow hesitate after recent gains, although any period of downside looks likely to represent a short-term pullback before the bulls come back into play. Source: Bloomberg Joshua Mahony | Senior Market Analyst, London | Publication date: Thursday 21 October 2021 FTSE 100 falls back into notable support level The FTSE 100 has struggled to maintain price action above the key 7225 resistance level, with price subsequently easing back since Friday’s peak. A break back below the 7181 low brings expectations of a wider retracement phase here, with that level likely to prove key for near-term sentiment. However, whether we see that period of downside come into play or not, the bulls are expected to come back into play before long. Source: ProRealTime DAX consolidating after recent rally The DAX has lost momentum after a recent period of upside, with price faltering at trendline resistance. The decline into 15416 brings about a key level to watch, and it seems we are seeing some support come into play thus far. A break back below that level brings greater expectations of a wider retracement phase coming into play. Conversely, a rise through trendline and 15573 starts to build a story around a potential push up towards the critical resistance level of 15759. Source: ProRealTime Dow Jones falters at record highs The Dow has managed to claw itself back into record high territory, with the index tentatively pushing through the prior peak of 35634 yesterday. However, we are seeing the Dow falter at that level, with price falling back towards the near-term 35406 swing-low. A break below that level would signal a potential bearish short-term phase coming into play here. However, should such a move come to fruition, it would simply be viewed as a wider retracement and likely precursor to further upside. Until we see 35406 broken, the intraday uptrend remains in play. Source: ProRealTime
  20. Increased excess deaths from cardiac events in the 20s - 50s population, now evidence of increases of same in newborns. ?💉 ? - so just as well no one's looking for a cause 🤨 Dr Scott McLachlan @Dr_ScottMc I have just had a conversation with an upset midwife in a large 8000+ births per year hospital delivery unit. They have had a cluster of babies this month who have been born seemingly healthy, but died within 48-72 hours from pulmonary haemorrhage. While the incidence of Pulm Haem. is up to 50/1000 live births in babies who are premi or very low birthweight, the incidence in healthy term babies is as low as 1/1000... rising to 3-15/1000 in sub-saharan and areas that lack quality healthcare services To see a cluster of as many as 8 in one month in at-term babies in a large western capital city hospital without something else going on is unexpected... and apparently disturbing for some of the clinical staff Coincidental anecdotal observation that I am going to look into... All the mothers of this cluster of babies received covid jabs DURING gestation... I don't like coincidence. Bear in mind too that the mortality rate is normally 50% (so normally for every 2 babies diagnosed with pulm.haem., one will die) UPDATE: Without naming names or locations or sources - I have been able to confirm four. And also that the very last one was revived and is currently in neonatal intensive care but the prognosis is pretty dark. Could you specify the country (ie capital), to check the relevant AE reporting system \london
  21. Early Morning Call: Evergrande returns to trade; US earnings update and precious metals' rally continues Europe down despite record high on INDU and SPX close to new highs; HSI down as Evergrande returns and falls 10%. Earnings last night from TSLA & IBM disappoint. And gold up for third day; silver close to breaking key resistance. https://www.ig.com/uk/market-insight-articles/early-morning-call--evergrande-returns-to-trade--us-earnings-upd-211021 This is here for you to catch up but if you have any ideas on markets or events you want us to relay to the TV team we’re more than happy to.
  22. Hi I am just checking in to see when this error in the historical data might be fixed. It shoudl be quite a quick thing to fix as the data is freely availble. thanks
  23. CHINA-US TENSION, TAIWAN, US DOLLAR, S&P 500, FED INTEREST RATE HIKE - TALKING POINTS: Xi-Biden summit likely only to achieve surface-level diplomatic breakthroughs. Competing global and regional priorities may prevent meaningful cooperation. S&P 500 at risk ahead of precarious holiday season, geopolitical uncertainty. Despite surface-level attempts at Sino-US diplomacy, the reality of a bolder and more aggressive China will likely undermine future talks between Beijing and Washington. While US President Biden spoke of “strategic competition” with China, Xi Jinping’s actions - domestically and abroad - signal a departure from where the US would like relations to head. What does competing foreign policy mean for financial markets? NO MORE A HIDDEN DRAGON As I wrote in my previous report, Xi Jinping has cultivated a strong sense of Chinese nationalism and used it as the foundation for his bolder and increasingly confrontational approach to the US. While Deng Xiaoping said to “hide your strength and bide your time”, the current Chinese president has unleashed the dragon from the cave. It is therefore not entirely by coincidence that China flew over 20 fighter jets and other warplanes near Taiwan, specifically on China’s National Day. Ultimately, a record 56 bombers and other aircrafts flew near the island. Following the demonstration, Xi Jinping called for a “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan. Such aggressive rhetoric and provocative actions from Beijing are not lost on the West. Recent reports revealed that American troops have been secretly training military personnel in Taiwan as the threat of escalation grows. This comes much to the chagrin of Chinese officials, who have repeatedly stressed that actions in the region do not fall under the jurisdiction of the US. While both Xi and Biden have agreed to adhere to the so-called Taiwan Agreement (in essence, non-interference by China and no official recognition of the island as a sovereign state), it is unclear how Beijing will hold up its end. The Asian giant’s pivot towards regional fortification and national rejuvenation goes against the status quo. At some point, something has to give. For financial markets that are already sweating the prospect of tapering Fed stimulus and subsequent interest rate hikes, an asymmetric geopolitical shock could cause equities to wobble. While the baseline expectation is for US-China relations to remain somewhat tense, the capital markets’ stubborn bullish bias may be setting them up for an unexpected shock. Stocks may see a pullback towards the end of the year as a result of what Nobel prize-winning economist Robert Shiller calls a “constellation of narratives”. This includes shaky US-China relations, precarious retail sales forecasts ahead of a holiday season during a global supply chain hiccup, and concern about a hawkish Fed (if economic data supports officials’ outlook). Concern about the latter - particularly as it relates to increasing pressure to hike rates and counter rising inflation - was amplified after a recent report by the IMF. The multinational lender of last resort said in its bi-annual Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR) that central banks such as the Federal Reserve should be prepared to have to tighten credit conditions. Taking away ultra-accommodative policy support from what are now heavily liquidity-addicted markets may put a premium on haven-linked assets like the US Dollar. In addition to risk aversion, the Greenback may gain a yield advantage relative to its peers, where monetary authorities may be slower to raise rates relative to the Fed. A CROUCHING TIGER? S&P 500 CHART ANALYSIS Since the March 2020 bottom, the S&P 500 has climbed along a steady 18-month uptrend, clocking in a whopping 90 percent rise. The benchmark index declined a little over 3 percent in recent weeks however, and in that process invalided rising trend support. The implications of this breach for broader positioning will probably reveal themselves in the next few weeks. S&P 500 - Weekly Chart Chart crated with TradingView The decisive break from the uptrend means a kind of “cooling off” period may ensue as a result of sellers exiting their positions and taking profits at all-time highs. As investors recalibrate their positions, a short-term recovery may play out. The fundamental risks noted above could curb the S&P 500’s enthusiasm however, making a recovery more difficult and perhaps even setting the stage for a longer-lasting downshift. US-CHINA OUTLOOK ON TRADE: THE GHOST OF TARIFFS PAST? The United States Trade Representative (USTR) Katherine Tsai and the Biden administration as a whole recently made it clear that they will hold Beijing accountable for the trade agreement struck with the former Trump government. This further reinforces the macro, geopolitical assessment that US-China relations are likely to be more combative than cooperative for years to come. China is set to fall short of its 2021 agreements to purchase a predetermined amount of US goods by approximately 30 percent. Beijing is attempting to negotiate the agreement since COVID-19 was an unprecedented circumstance that made fulfilling the original obligation exponentially more difficult. Washington made it clear that tariffs and other economic measures are not off the table if Sino-US talks do not yield fruitful breakthroughs on the agreement. One of the carryover issues from the Trump to the Biden administration is the underlying concern about China's use of state backing to subsidize domestic firms and thereby tip the scales against competitors abroad. In essence, by year-end and early into 2022, markets may be dealing with what they experienced in 2019: trade wars and rising interest rates. Only this time, there is a considerably more unstable macroeconomic and geopolitical backdrop. These gloomy presentiments may reinforce a bullish outlook for the US Dollar in the final breaths of 2021. Marx once wrote that “history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”. In a sadistically comical way, he may have been right. Therefore, traders may be more prudent with their portfolio allocations as they prepare for a season of peril and the next iteration of a historical farce. By Dimitri Zabelin, Analyst, 21st October 2021. DailyFX
  24. Hi, check you are receiving from IG's data servers mt4 File > Open an account > scan
  25. For more up to date news on how markets will open, the latest earnings and economic news, watch IGTV live in the platform at 07:30am UK. Today’s coverage: Indices: Europe down despite record high on INDU and SPX close to new highs, NDQ down for a second day as US tech earnings fall short. HSI down as Evergrande returns and falls 10% FX: USDJPY breaks to near 4yr high, GBPJPY 5yr high, EURJPY 4mth high etc. Meanwhile GBP rally continues vs other FX too. EURUSD consolidates at 3wk high - Weidmann steps down Equities: PYPL looks to $45bln buyout of PINS. Earnings last night from TSLA & IBM disappoint. Today BARC & UKVR in UK, In the US there’s AAL, INTC, AT&T, PYPL & SNAP Commods: WTI new 7yr high. Nickel up for a 6th day. Gold p for 3rd day silver close to breaking key resistance https://community.ig.com/igtv/
  26. Ok thanks very much I have missed that it is the currency of course
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