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  3. I cannot see that the global economy will have a fast recovery. I can only see a depression looming unless a vaccine is quickly developed. This is the first time in a long time that the US has been directly affected by a major negative event (9/11 was localised). With the US slowing down, there is no other economy that will be able to create the demand required to get us a fast recovery. China's domestic demand is not large enough and Chinese personal debt was going through the roof even before the virus pandemic. How will the world and the global economy be once this pandemic subsides? I think a very changed society and traditional retail will be one the worst sufferers. Also with all this money printing, is there a risk of hyperinflation in the long term? Well, gonna buy a couple of KGs of gold just as insurance and not for investment per se. Also think property prices will come under the cosh so sitting on cash will enable you to buy distressed properties as getting loans will be hard for many. I am reevaluating my log term investment strategy to take into account the changing environment.
  4. Yes...lots of people reacting in strange ways right now......Keep smiling.... How long will it all last? I know it sounds boring....but forget the noise (harder said then done) and watch the charts...the trend is your only friend.... That said....down for april.....sell in may and come back in june!! Dan
  5. Monojit, did you came across any solution as me too have same question.
  6. I have same question. I work in Dubai and have hold account with IG. If I plan to move to India, how can I deposit and withdraw money.
  7. If you asked someone if they 'Plan' when they are going to the cinema then most people would say they have some form of plan. They will have decided: Which film they want to watch What time (showing) Which cinema What food and drink if any they are going to have Who they will be watching the film with I have just quickly listed at least six basic things someone one plan for when just going on a simple trip to the cinema. So one must ask themselves why one would not plan for any trade using their hard earned real money? If I use the bullet points above for the cinema and translate it into trading the one should have decided prior to any trade: Which asset they are going to trade and why When they are going to trade this asset How they are going to enter the trade and exit the trade (price points) Which broker / platform they are going to use and why What their stop loss will be What indicators / signals they will use before making executing their trade Now the above example is a very basic and simple example which I have concocted but you get the point I am trying to make.
  8. 'The weekend prices for indices and forex are quoted separately to their weekday counterparts, based on our view of the prospects for that market given client business and news flow' Apparently the weekend indices are priced on IG's 'views' of where the price 'should be'. This is astonishing and I don't know how they can get away with that. In other words it's entirely arbitrary, so you might find enormous gaps appearing as the real indices open on Sunday night/Monday morning. This presents a distorted picture of market action and should probably, actually be banned in all honesty.
  9. Suicide, domestic abuse, inability to get to a doctor - I could add a few others like having to put up with people's BS leading to relationship breakdowns, vulnerable people being exploited/neglected, likely increase in animal cruelty and neglect. Ah joy of joys. Almost makes you think 250,000 dead would have been worth it https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/health-coronavirus-usa-cost/
  10. Read 'The Intelligent Investor' - bombastic stilted b*llocks that essentially says, 'Prices go up and down and we can't predict them.' So there you have it, the best investing wisdom on the market
  11. Basically - read one of these books like 'The New Market Wizards'. All fund managers are full of BS, most of them get lucky and quit while they're still ahead, and if they are dumb enough to keep playing the game too long they eventually lose money. Some of them can even get it wrong everytime and still get prime time in the MSM - look up James Cramer on Wikipedia. If an 'idea' comes out of one of these tools' brains that should automatically make you scream 'BULLSH!T'!
  12. Remember to 'protect the NHS' - the NHS isn't there to protect you. We all know that the real reason for the NHS is to give jobs to millions of people, and for private companies (and politicians) to get big juicy contracts at the taxpayers' expense. It's got f&k all to do with provision of health - that's just a side effect of the operation
  13. Got called an '@rsehole' for walking too close to an Australian woman on my way from Lidl today. At times like these people's REAL natures come out. So f&king glad I didn't marry one of these *****
  14. So really the sensible thing to have done was to go short some time ago, possibly adding shorts on rallies. Trying to trade in and out on a daily basis just leads to frustration and lost money, as these intra-day consolidations are more or less random noise. Sounds like a familiar story.
  15. From a psychological point of view, the depression seems to be just starting to sink in. If that view is correct then an eventual recovery (significant and sustained change in psychology) won't come for many months - many people have already written off 2020 (the entire year). I also believe it will take a big, concerted effort to lift people's spirits again after this.
  16. Dow 2020, 1987,1929 I suppose 99% expect a retest of the low or a new low and thinking of buy the low? so probably grinding higher and take out some shorts? a new leg up? (if a three wave bear market rally we have done a and b and now c?) So my "guess" more upside and suck in some longs before the next leg down? And then we maybe get a retest of the low and se how much ETFs FED will buy?
  17. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-health-coronavirus-britain/britain-unlikely-to-lift-coronavirus-lockdown-until-end-of-may-government-expert-idUKKBN21M07U Scars like these take a long time to heal.
  18. Will somebody please put me out of my misery ...
  19. What this means in practice is that wages have to continue to be repressed, instead consumers will take on more and more debt and renounce the idea of ownership (they will be perpetual renters).
  20. Hi, no you can only trade on IG charts using IG market data which are the prices IG offer clients as selected from their liquidity providers, you can't use another organisations data. IG's market data is relayed to your account and also relayed to the data processing company IT Finance who then reproduce it in chart form which is what you see on your screen.
  21. @Brfcboy, Now I am not sure if you are an investor or trader or if both which one you are more of. However, if you are a trader then you may find snippets in this thread very helpful.
  22. @Brfcboy, This is the thread I was referring to in terms of the 'Trend Following' principles I follow.
  23. @Brfcboy, You mentioned depressed prices then look no further than 'Frontier Markets'. This is not for the feint hearted and a high risk tolerance is required. Prices are being hammered and for me it offers a compelling investment opportunity as when these markets recover and recover they will (in time of course) then the returns could be staggering. Again I urge you to go through this thread from top to bottom to make more sense of my views and opinions and where I am coming from.
  24. @Brfcboy, This thread may be of interest to you. I am not sure if you are an investor / trader, both or neither.
  25. @Brfcboy, First of all, when it comes to Rough Rice, I am not talking about buying / investing. I am referring to trading the price movement. I follow 'Trend Following' principles which is my trading methodology. I appreciate it may not be yours. In times of 'Risk Off' there will be assets which do perform better traditionally such as Bonds and Precious Metals. In terms of the 'Coronavirus' my view is that some of the 'Food and Drink' commodities have provided an opportunity to trade such as Orange Juice (Vitamin C) during Coronavirus. See my 'Orange Juice' thread for more details on this. I am an investor first and a trader second. So from an investment perspective I welcome price drops and corrections as it allows me to invest at cheaper valuations. Please see my 'Long Term Wealth Creation' thread for more details on this. I invest in smaller companies, micro companies and nano companies. If you look at my 'Investment' threads then I have discussed how I invest in 'High Risk Capital Growth' funds over the long term for wealth creation. I am not discussing that here. This is a shorter term trading opportunity based on price movement and trends. I think if you spend the time to read my posts on this thread from the start of the Coronavirus period to date then you will see the narrative I have discussed from a trading perspective of people staying at home and eating at home causing Rice prices to move upwards. Also the export situation adds to this background story. As a trend follower you are trading the trend and you stay in the trade until the trend reverses and your stop loss is executed. It does not matter when following such principles whether it is 'Risk On' or 'Risk Off'. I would suggest you read my investment threads when it comes to my investment strategy which is different to my trading strategy.
  26. Last year MoneyWeek magazine surveyed a panel of economists 50% of whom believed some form of MMT would be implemented in the UK in the near future, that was before the coronavirus economic crisis. A form of MMT is now a certainty. MMT basically states that a govt can print money to finance projects that will contribute to growth and increased tax revenue so long as inflation is kept under control. Many govts are already do this or something similar, print to lend to itself at near zero interest, or print to buy back it's own bonds. To condense this thread a bit I've selected to 2 links that best describe MMT to those new to the subject. Critics of MMT mistakenly think it's just about printing and handing out free money and indeed many on the left have jumped on board thinking just that but it's not really the case, the original architects of MMT all have a traditional economics based background. The first link is to a video interview with Stephanie Kelton for a brief description of MMT. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2019/03/01/stephanie-kelton-explains-modern-monetary-theory.html The second link is the video interview with Warren Mosler who was one of the first to develop MMT theory which he developed over his career starting as a money manager for large US financial institutions in the 70s. He talks about how he learnt just how the Fed actually worked and their working relationship to the major banks.
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