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  2. If you pay tax in Germany this year could be a tough one😱 https://www.elitetrader.com/et/threads/german-derivatives-traders-shocked-by-new-tax-law.339638/
  3. still never found a decent UK company version of this site 🤢
  4. I'll be looking out for long opportunities too. 😎🤑
  5. ah, gun sling it out with the big boys, make sure you're wearing your brown underpants. 👀
  6. Hahaha ... yes, the 'dark liquidity pools' ... makes me think of swamps in dark forests where there are colourful toads and witches and goblins and all manner of sorceries and wickedness!
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  8. Hi, when trading derivatives on IG you are trading IG's market which tracks the underlying market so IG don't have a non-trading hour mid week. They do though around that time switch from more main stream liquidity providers to er, others, that might cause short term increased volatility and may even cause a spike on the charts which may be seen as slippage if you were opening or closing a trade at that time.
  9. Hi, IG use a variable spread system which also applies to the min stop distance and is determined by the current market volatility. This will determine where you are able to place a new trailing stop and I think it does have a step function to delay the start, play around on the demo, that's what it's for.
  10. @RCtrader Good idea. I'll be looking out for more shorting opportunities on GBP next week. (Even although the COT is showing large speculators as net long for the first time in a long time.)
  11. @Nexuscrawler & @Hippocampus, Hi, all 'daily funded bets' (DFB) also known as spots have a daily interest charge (or credit). The Futures or Forwards markets are designed for holding longer term and have a larger spread instead of the daily interest charge. If expecting to hold for less than a week the DFB is probably better, if longer than a week think futures. The swaps fees can only be worked out accurately at end of day but some estimates can bee seen for some markets on the platform, see https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/why-is-overnight-funding-charged-and-how-is-it-calculated- Options are probably best left til understanding of the general leveraged platforms (DFB and CFDs).
  12. hi, occasionally the demo platform does misbehave, you may find that the problem resolves itself post weekend break on restart Sunday 11pm, if not call or email the helpdesk to get tech to reset for you.
  13. A consolidation triangle, before resuming the prior trend 🐮
  14. Hahaha oh yes, Tyler Durden, the archetypal Alpha Male who single-handedly will bring down the whole debt-fuelled financial system 😎 One of the best movies ever!
  15. Hi, Can slippage happen on a forex/futures pair during the non-trading hour (22:00 to 23:00 GMT) during the weekdays even if one has a normal stop in place?
  16. Zerohedge is well known to us here, he's nothing if not consistent 🙂 (since about 2011 if memory serves).
  17. Weekend price action on Bitcoin is suggestive of a wave 1 turn that may produce a wave 2 retest of the H&S neckline or channel line. Thoughts of a test of the key resistance level of 10,000 ,may be suspended until this retest occurs and produces a strong rally.
  18. On Tuesday 7 January 2020 Gold commitment of traders made an all time high Long position (or at least as far back as 2007, which is kinda the same thing). The net position wasn't an all time high but was close, the ATH was on 3 Sept 2019. Remember what happened next? Why is this relevant? When it comes to markets like Gold and Silver the commercials hold all the cards. They know the market dynamics better than anyone and certainly better than Wall St. I trade with the Commercials on Gold/Silver and the COT data is screaming over bought as the non commercials appear to be all-in Long. When a market is imbalanced like this, one of two things happen: we get a massive moves in the direction of travel as everyone tries to pile in but there are no sellers so the price gaps up and up until sellers return (unlikely on Gold at this point IMO) OR we get a sharp reversal as buying evaporates. If we think about fundamentals we may consider the following: Geopolitical tensions have eased a bit (although nothing is resolved) There is a trade deal between the US and China (hurrah!) although it is a largely face saving "phase 1" deal of little real consequence. Let's see what happens in phase 2..! Brexit is now resolved, it is happening (but exactly how and when is not clear) The stock market is on a rocket to the moon and the Fed is pumping in $50 bil in overnight Repo operations every night into the banks (what could possible go wrong???) The USD is rallying again The ISM non manufacturing data is still making positive noise (well it's all about services and the internet these days right? Who needs nasty manufacturing and actual goods???) If I consider the direction of travel (rate of change) of key economic indicators for the US (and for a moment suspend my belief that many of the measures are defunct, like GDP) I am not at all confident in the US economy and expect we will see a recession declared (post hoc) as having started in 2020 but we are not there yet. If I consider the emerging zeitgeist on Gold (it will beat previous highs; it will get to 5,000; it will get to 10,000) the hype is matched only by that seen in Bitcoin and stocks. When MSM start talking up a market you can be almost sure it will do exactly the opposite... If I consider classic charting techniques, a head and shoulders neckline breakout, such as we have seen on Gold, is typically followed by retest of said neckline, this would suggest a retest of the 1,350 area. So the scene is set for Gold and Silver to put in a significant reversal. in defiance of the chatter. The techncials on Gold look as follows: After a massive rally to 2011 tops price has dropped in a complex A-B-C retrace to the Fib 50% (78% on Silver) then put in a Head & Shoulders trend reversal spanning just short of six years before breaking out to the upside and leaving behind a classic U shaped base from which a long term rally would be the expected result. The rally has stalled of late at the Fib 62% resistance area, which brings up an alternative scenario (and A-B-C - Red labels on monthly chart). However the more conventional scenario is for a retest of the H&S neckline in a 1-2 EWT form bearish phase, with monthly oscillators all over bought. Zooming in to the weekly chart we can see that the rally up from pink 2, the right shoulder of the H&S and a failed retest on the long term supporting trend line, is in a 1-5 form and turned on NMD with a significant pin bar price action, the second such event of late. An A-B-C bearish retrace is now indicated with a target of at least the 1,350 level where the neckline (weekly chart) an ice line converge. An alternative neckline drawn on the monthly chart targets more like the 1,300 level and depending on when this happens this could eventually produce a retest of that long term supporting trend line but that is a ways off yet. Shorter term the daily chart shows a small 1-2 (brown) after a major bearish reversal off the over head resistance that may yet have another leg up in it before a bearish wave 3. to a larger wave A. Looking at Silver I think we have yet to see any major breakout rally as price is contained within a long term Triangle off a double bottom. Unlike Gold, Silver did not put in a higher high so the price action looks to be entering a wave 3 down, which will likely travel much lower, relative to Gold, and probably put in a large flag consolidation at some point. A retest of the bottom of the consolidation Triangle and lower long term supporting trend line would not surprise me. So net my lead scenario is for a bearish phase now for Gold/Silver, which may require a small further rally to prime the pump but when it hits will be a hard run down in an A-B-C form to retest key support levels before the much talked about and desired massive rally, which would only occur when geopolitical and economic tensions reemerge, fear creeps into the markets generally, perhaps also with a USD bearish phase and stocks also and ideally rising inflation as well. Right now the case for the long term bull market in Gold/Silver just doesn't seem strong enough, although it should be...
  19. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/market-continues-euphoric-advance-3500-becomes-next-target Very interesting set of well argued 'caution' articles
  20. Wow that big drop of around 500 points is sure going to shake out those traders with tight stop losses.
  21. I am curious too, which buys have daily fees and after how long? Where is this information listed on the buy ticket?
  22. Cross asset returns. 1 week, 1 month, and YTD. (themarketear)
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