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  2. Hi, can it be linked to mt4 or IG? seems to be a stand alone platform and linked to a single CFD broker.
  3. I'm seeing problems with the Demo API in fact I can't even logon, either through my own application or on the API Companion. I have reset my username and password and created a new API Key, all to no avail. I suspect the demo systems is experiencing some sort of outage, can somebody from IG check please? cc @CharlotteIG
  4. not just the FCA, the US CFTC looks to be heading the same way. https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/coinbase-pro-ends-margin-trading-services/?utm_content=buffer4aede&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
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  6. Thanks @CharlotteIG ! That's reassuring. I'm sure IG have already seen this, but someone on twitter linked to this Policy Statement from the FCA, saying that it will come into effect on 6th January: https://www.fca.org.uk/publication/policy/ps20-10.pdf "Prohibiting the sale to retail clients of investment products that reference cryptoassets" Incidentally the trader on twitter who linked to that, was commenting on the recent drop in bitcoin and said "Crypto exchanges started announcing liquidation of UK customer accounts ..not surprising BTC sold off." Best wishes, Cate
  7. We do offer trailing stops however some clients are controlled risk only which means they don't have access to that. If you just signed up for the demo we don't show the trailing stop until your live account's been looked at. If you have a live account but can't find it give us a call/ live chat so we can help. All the best
  8. Hey, If you've held shares on a non leveraged account through the ex div date you will be credited the dividends 1-2 working days after the pay date. This will be credited to your IG account. All the best
  9. Hey @Tezzza, If you're receiving statements in the post you can stop by emailing us with a request to stop sending them. If you're referring to the emailed statements you receive everyday this can't be stopped. Once of the regulatory guidelines is to keep clients informed on their trading. Our email statements is how we do that. However, some clients have a separate folder in their emails to forward these. All the best
  10. Hey Cate, It is true that the regulators are looking to put a ban on Cryptos however there hasn't been enough information yet for us to take action. When we have more information we will reach out to client regarding their positions. I completely understand and closing positions isn't something we want to do but we will have to stay inline with regulator guidelines. Please know, we will keep you updated. All the best.
  11. This is absolutely correct, they do have an expiry. What I understood is that the position was opened and then instantly closed which shouldn't happen. But there is an expiry and if that's when it closed it's correct. @AbsurdK did you check the expiry before it opened. If not you can find it in the get info section next time. All the best
  12. Has anyone any experience of how IG handle rights issues in a share dealing account? How long after the ex date does it take for the nil paid to appear in your account
  13. Well at least your rights have appeared, I've a holding in a share dealing account and still no sign of my nil paid. And I had an extremely interesting chat with the online help where it became apparent that the person had no idea how rights issues worked.
  14. Hi all, I opened a small spread betting position on Lloyds stocks, to get used to it as I normally trade Forex. I set a trailing stop loss just inside profit as price rose. When the market opened this morning, price dropped and my trade closed at a loss at a loss of £5.43 (not a great loss but when I increase positions I'd like to know I'm being safe). It seems like a large difference for slippage, or maybe I set the trailing stop up incorrectly. Is here any way somebody can look at the trade to explain what happened? Thanks!
  15. Dax and Dow M15 chart levels;
  16. Dax and Dow H4 chart levels;
  17. Regarding the overnight fee's, IG's website says that any trades past 10pm will incur this additional charge. However, I was wondering what's would stop someone from closing their position at 9.59pm, and then reopening the position at 10.01pm, or is this charge applied to any position open from 10pm until the opening the next day?
  18. Where is the evidence for this? Just because the value of Bitcoin has risen recently does not mean it's a bona fide currency. I think it's a speculative bubble, the price is going up because people are bidding prices up simply because they think it will go higher.
  19. Is there a way to get a notification when a new signal is posted? I have not found a way to set it up Cheers Mario
  20. Hello everybody, I am a new member of the community. I just opened a share dealing account (CFD and Spread Bet still pending). I would like to start trading shares from an ISA account with amounts below £20k so to enjoy tax free allowance. When I tried to open the ISA account it tells me I already have an account under that e-mail. But it is a regular Share dealing acc, not an ISA account. I thought I could add it after opening an account on IG. Is there a way to add an ISA acc to my existing acc, or turn my existing acc into ISA? Can I open both accounts under the same e-mail? Also, it is possible to share deal and do Spread Bets or CFD simultaneously from an ISA? Many thanks
  21. IG Promises trading in the US but today the platform says NYSE and Nasdaq are closed?? And it won't let me place a deal?? Why not?? IC promises dealing in UK and US but doesn't deliver this. What is going on????
  22. Hello, Is someone knew how to link my Smartcharts to the MT4? Thanks, Alvin
  23. Financial Anarchy: one of the main fallacies of Bitcoin. You are that independent holding bitcoin that anytime you want to buy it or sell it have to go through an exchange using your full identity. With all sort of passports and ids checks. Let's not forget that the main goal of many bitcoiners is to amass as much of the correlated fiat currency as possible. With the romantic topic of becoming a blade runner paying in SHA-256 hashes to other elite individuals you watch how your virtual coins grow in value, that value that is established in that so-hated fiat currency. The happiness of a bitcoiner comes with the grow in price of that coin in the exchange. The more coins of the fiat currency they get from their bitcoins the happier they are. So it is all cyberpunk literature with a bit of TAZ philosophy, but bitcoin is no more than a very volatile "financial product", unfortunately , and since I am surrounded in IT departments by bitcoiners I am so tired of listening to people excusing themselves for choosing this overhyped movement over any other FX pair or metal. I understand that people want to get rich quickly and that is why they chose bitcoin, but they want to get rich by grabbing more and more of that fiat currency that they hold in the bank accounts. So let's be honest with ourselves, let's cut the rubbish and call it like it is: Greed on a very volatile market.
  24. The Fed wants to ban it or tax it. No central government likes crypto as its a form of financial anarchy.
  25. Very good point, Casey. They see Bitcoin and want to emulate it, or in the case of the Fed try and ban it. Bitcoin and Crypto have DEMAND. A Euro backed or $ backed crypto may not have them same demand, but will also be seen as currency. Crypto's lack of provenance (political and geographic) is a major USP. The market normally wins as governments know too well.
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