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  3. Hi For those interested in the Video Gaming industry we recently interviewed the product manager for VanEck Video Gaming & Esports ETF to talk about how the industry will perform as lockdown measures start to ease and what is fueling future growth https://blubrry.com/igtradingthemarkets/74972956/how-investors-can-profit-from-the-growing-video-gaming-and-esports-industry/ Are there any other exciting sectors you would like to see covered on the podcast by an industry expert?
  4. If you've signed up with an office that has a referral scheme you will be able to find the link by going to the MyIG page> Settings> Refer a friend.
  5. Yes I am aware that I have selected the guaranteed stop level as I have been for a while in preparation for when the live account is approved, the live account will have to use a guaranteed stop on each trade, which I think is a good idea as it reduces exposure to risk and the margin required as it is a controlled risk as apposed to an uncapped or un controlled risk. Normally the stop limit on this trade is a minimum of 8 points, in this screen shot it it is set at 30 points which has increased the required margin to $1775, when it is at 8 or 10 the margin would be around $1300. If I
  6. Hey Samuel, If you have an open account you can find the account numbers on the MyIG page> Dashboard. I have covered mine in red rectangles so you can see where they will be on your account. I hope this help. Let me know if you need anything else by quoting my post Charlotte
  7. Hi guys. Wanted to thank you guys for viewing my posts and hope you have found it helpful . If anyone has any feedback as to how I can improve them to provide more help please shoot them here. God Bless CA
  8. Hey, Sorry you haven't been able to get through to us. If you want to disable your PRT subscription you can on the MyIG page by selection Settings> ProRealTime> Then it should have the option to disable. I hope this helps. If you need anything else please quote my message so I will get a notification and can get back to you. All the best
  9. After many of you mentioned that the fees and charges were confusing we created a new link on the deal ticket to improve communication of charges for Leveraged accounts. We're still looking at ways to improve this for the future so we're open to suggestions which is you could comment below will be appreciated by our development teams.
  10. Hi all, Do you think this is a reasonable approach to setting a stop loss? I've read in various places including van k tharpe's book the idea of using multiples of ATR to set a stop loss whatever your time frame is. The issue for me is that 2-3x the ATR of a time period seems like a massive stop but perhaps to others its entirely reasonable? I tend to have my stop at the low but of course this is an obvious location that could be at risk.
  11. Hey @tripplex, Thanks for your question. Here are the order types. You can do a 'Market order' however you have no control over the price your shares will be filled at. As you know the limit and stop orders can be partially filled so this may not be the best option for you. At quote orders means your order will be immediately executed if you choose to accept it. You can put in the number of shares you want to buy and the market maker will offer you a price that you can either accept or reject. I hope this helps. All the best
  12. We're glad to hear that it's fixed. If you have anything like this happen again put @ charlotteIG. I will receive a notification and will be able to get back to you. All the best
  13. Re IG US Tech 100 index: What volume is being reported on this chart? Obviously the actual share volume is only correct during market open hours.
  14. Guest


    I was open account about i don't see my account number how can I do to know my account number
  15. Does anyone know why i'm RECEIVING substantial amounts of "interest" on my Corn and Palm Oil spot commodity positions? "DEPO Daily Commodities Interest..." Many thanks
  16. Big Tech Stocks Had a Disappointing Week. 6 Reasons to Keep Buying Them.
  17. Looks like the correction came out last night.
  18. I am having the same problem. I need to transfer some shares from IG to Commsec quickly in order to ontain some free options but cannot do so without a HIN/SRN.
  19. Cant delete the charts in the bottom... ignore them 😀
  20. Good morning. Interesting day in the market yesterday. London had a flash crash . got traders spooked . Some ISM data was release and it showed a slight decrease in the economic momentum that we have had since the middle of last year. I continue to remain bullish, however I am starting to pay more attention to these data readings, I think at some point in the next 3-4 months, things could deteriorate and its important to be ahead of that. If my thoughts don’t come to fruition the response is simple keep buying stocks till the cows come home. If they do , then I Would allocate some capital
  21. Hi all, I am having trouble finding information on transferring some share out of IG to another broker apart from the $50 charge. Plenty of information on transferring in though. The reason I wish to do this is that I am about to receive some free unlisted options in a company and understand that with IG, I do not actually own the shares so am wondering what happens to the options.
  22. Yesterday
  23. I would like to be able to toggle the guaranteed stop option on existing short positions. Is this possible? Likewise the trailing option.
  24. I've tried calling but no-one picks up and the live chat doesn't help- does anyone know how to cancel the Pro Realtime subscription if I'm no longer trading? Cheers
  25. I fixed the problem ! no need to display my question ...
  26. I get an error message when trying to close my positions in the spread demo account
  27. Just started with this and have a couple of things on the go - but can't find the above shares to buy? Any idea why this would be?
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