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  2. I mentioned this book in another thread so have added it here along with a book review by MoneyWeek magazine. Crowd Money by Eoin Treacy. https://moneyweek.com/book-review-crowd-money/ I've not read it yet myself but the concepts are intriguing.
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  4. @Caseynotes I have a horrible feeling you're right. Thanks for the cheering thought! Thanks for the clarification @JamesIG. One last question. When you say shares will all go to 20%, what happens to the more exotic ones that are already higher than that? Do they stay as they are, or will they increase even more? For example I have some Petropavlovsk and they are currently 25%. Thanks! Cate
  5. Just to conclude on the topics - James must be one of the stars at IG. Thanks a lot for clarification.
  6. Hi @Kazeko - I believe you would have been looking at this around 11am? At this time it's likely that the market is very illiquid and the spreads are quite wide - this is entirely due to the underlying market as the IG spread are a fixed percentage. As you get closer to the market opening 'main session' (as stated by senor) the spreads in the underlying would get narrower as the order book starts to fill with orders. Put simply, the spread was wide at that point because no one was willing to sell to you at a price lower than that. https://www.ig.com/uk/shares/out-of-hours-shares When it comes to orders, you would only be filled if a sufficient numbers of shares trade at those specific levels in the underlying market.
  7. Trader126

    Price delayed on charts

    Maybe that's what it was then. As far as I was aware, my internet connection was okay and when I checked the IG status page (https://status.ig.com), all systems showed as operational. I've not seen the message since and my charts seem live today. If it happens again I'll update this thread.
  8. JamesIG

    New AUD/JPY margin after ESMA

    Hi @cate - Please note these changes only affect retail clients of EU firms (that are subject to ESMA regulation), and do not apply to professional clients. ESMA have not considered AUD as a major currency, the ESMA majors are USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD AND CHF. There are a few differences between the official ESMA definition of majors and what we currently have on the platform, however we are looking to review this. The email is therefore correct and AUD crosses will be at 5%. When the email was sent the floor was 7.5% for shares, however we had to take that away (reverting back to the 5%), before we go live with the ESMA minimum. The minimum will be 20% as laid out in the email. In regards to other FX, margin requirements have changed slightly from when the email was sent, however the proposed margin percentages as laid out in that email are correct for the proposed dates (as below). Apologies for any confusion.
  9. Hi @Casseynotes - thank you for your input. Apologies, the yellow font was my doing, as I highlighted the spread value before posting the screenshot. I agree, the spread returned to a normal value shortly after. I'm just curious as to why it was so unusually large and I'm also concerned about the implications of an order being filled while such a spread is in effect.
  10. Trump is up and tweeting, this time taking a broad swipe at Amazon.
  11. Please note these changes only affect retail clients of EU firms (that are subject to ESMA regulation), and do not apply to professional clients. Hi @mav Tiers are not changing right now but could change at any point in the future when we review product rates in the normal way. If you trade using guaranteed stops, position closure will now be triggered under slightly different terms from 1pm on Monday 30 July. When we calculate account equity today, we do not currently include running losses on positions with guaranteed stops. Under the new ESMA requirements, such positions will need to include running losses as part of the deposit ratio calculation. This means that your positions will be closed out when your cash, including all profit and loss, reaches 50% of your margin requirement.
  12. Caseynotes

    New AUD/JPY margin after ESMA

    Don't worry @cate, by this time next week all these problems today will seem like the good times. #ESMA countdown.
  13. The more I look at all this the more confusing it is. I've been using the "info" tab on the platform to check what the current leverage is, but it can't be right. CAD/JPY claims to require .75% and EUR/JPY claims to need .5% but actually a mini contract in each requires about £44 - they aren't different. Oh and NZDUSD and NZDJPY are also different from what the emails says they are - both currently require 0.75% but they are minor pairs and so according to the email should be at 1% at the moment. I'm baffled...
  14. HI @Kazeko & senor, I did see that the spread had come way down just 15 minutes after the original post, the yellow font is a sign but I don't know what it means, whatever it signifies it didn't apply to amazon or apple at the time. They all have a green dot though.
  15. hi, May i ask can I check the status of my PRT via mobile?
  16. spread is wide on American stock before 2.30 market open. It's tightened up by now I would assume, and then it'll be normal at the open. doubt limit/market orders would be filled
  17. 1) Will tiers on indicies still exist.. eg, Dax 30 tier1, 0-100, tier2, 100-1000 and so on... and if so, will non guaranteed stops still reduce margin requirements?
  18. Caseynotes

    Price delayed on charts

    Hi @Trader126 I have seen something like that before on third party platforms when there has been a temporary disconnect from IG, very rare and only lasting a few seconds, but not to my recollection on the IG platform though could happen I suppose, presume back to normal now.
  19. Trader126

    Price delayed on charts

    Hi @Caseynotes, thanks for your response. This was on a 5m EUR/USD chart (apologies, I should've included this in my original post). Hmmm. 😕
  20. Hi, I'm going down the list IG sent out of new margin rates. I see the definition of Major FX is "currency pairs containing any two of the following: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, CHF". These have a current margin rate of 0.5%. According to the IG email everything else is Minor FX and has a present margin rate of 1%. So by this definition AUD/JPY should be a Minor pair. But currently on the platform AUD/JPY has a 0.5% margin requirement. So the question is will it go to 3.33% like a major pair, or to 5% like a minor pair this weekend? I'm just editing this to add the next thing I got to! The email says Shares will go from 7.5% to 20%. But my current Barclays positions are shown at 5%. Are all shares going to 20% irrespective of what they are now? Happy ESMA -5 day to everyone. Cate
  21. Caseynotes


    Trendline up from March low trying to save the day. Daily chart;
  22. I've been using the IG platform since the begining of the year. This is the first time I'm seeing such a huge spread for Facebook, but possibly for any other instrument. See attached screenshot from this morning. Can someone from IG please provide some explanation on what I'm seeing? I'm always concerned about the wild swings in the spreads, because it adds an unresonable factor of risk in our trading, especially if you use orders for entry points. Say I set up an order to place a £1 bet at 20998. If the order is fulfilled and the spread is 5000 points then I've technically just lost £5000 which of course would trigger my stop loss and the position would be closed, leaving me with quite a hole in the pocket. Has anyone else come across this before?
  23. TrendFollower

    Is Bitcoin The New Gold?

    I wanted to share this article with the IG Community. Up to 10% of Gold’s Assets Could Flow Into Bitcoin https://hacked.com/up-to-10-of-golds-assets-could-flow-into-bitcoin/
  24. So difficult to predict this one @247trader, as is subject to buffering from all directions at anytime. One interesting thing I did read recently was the possibility of a retest of 1.2000 on the confirmation of a no deal Brexit as that was the original calculation on UK leaving the EU after the referendum.
  25. I don't want to be left out! Added to my Amazon basket as well
  26. @JohnWoottonUK I believe this was the post @PandaFace was referring to.
  27. Caseynotes

    VWAP Indicator

    Hi @Aydin H, VWAP is not available on the web platform but was added to the IG version of Prorealtime with the arrival of version 10.3 in Feb 2017, but at that time there was no volume for currencies so VWAP did not work on currency charts, that may have changed as I have not used PRT for a while now. There are downloadable VWAP indicators available for the MT4 platform.
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