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  3. It varies ... lol @ claim of 24/7* trading, with this footnote: * 24/7 excludes the 6 hours from 10pm Fri to 4am Sat, and 20 mins just before the weekday market opens on Sunday night. Do IG understand what 24/7 means?
  4. Fund manager Mark Denning, who was part of a team running more than £229 billion of assets at Capital Group, has been forced to resigned after allegedly breaking investment rules. A BBC Panorama investigation – set to air tonight at 8.30pm – will accuse Denning of investing in shares which were also held by the funds he worked on. This is seen as a conflict of interest within fund management as a manager could potentially profit at the expense of his clients - the fund manager could use the significant assets of a fund to push up the share price of a company, benefiting his other investments. https://www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/news/196565/fund-manager-resigns-ahead-of-damning-bbc-panorama-investigation.aspx And how do his fellow financial professionals react to this? Well they call him a 'uniquely talented' colleague. Seems that his only fault was to get caught screwing the dumb retails clients over. Let's face facts ... if you're 'little people' then you aren't safe ANYWHERE in the financial markets. You WILL get screwed over and eaten alive.
  5. Good luck trying to keep up with all that 🤣
  6. On blowing cash through - I'm just reading The Naked Trader's Guide to Spread Betting by Robbie Burns - there are some good stories in there how (not) to blow it all out Will give my 2 cents on here once finished the book - worth a read if you haven't yet
  7. I wonder how Big TallWacker Guy is doing with his massive profits lol
  8. Boeing has just made a big smelly doo doo in the bed! 😮
  9. on the move? :O Better late than never, but not convinced it has the legs.
  10. Almost blown through my cash. Pretty much given up now. It's pointless. I'll spend what little I've got left on booze and hookers.
  11. Usual pattern off success and failure so far. Proven time and time again. All Long All Stopped out. Uncanny. But now I'll try and Win on purpose. Watch Pinterest.
  12. Not even the 'best minds' or the best breeders of Wall Street can time the markets, follow the trends up and down or estimate the 'intrinsic value' of firms. What makes us think we can, when all the evidence shows that 99% of 'day traders' lose all their money
  13. How's that 'rally' in Brent crude coming along?
  14. So ... anyone managed to make any money off this lark yet? Didn't think so
  15. Anyone that can recommend any tips for me optimize the code?
  16. Well, according to Darwin the 'great success' in life consists of nothing more than continuous breeding. That Darwin fella had a lot of experience with excessive breeding. A bit like that Rees-Mogg ****.
  17. Thanks very much, glad I finally understand it. Any IG admins on here that can confirm the fx 0.5% charge is only on the spread, overnight funding and profit? In regards to the BTC GBP variant, my issue is as follows. I hold 1 Bitcoin on a crypto exchange and want to hedge it without selling it, hence where IG comes in. The BTC GBP variant follows BTC USD price exactly, so if I short 1 contract on IG then technically I am shorting more than 1 BTC USD contract as GBP is stronger than USD. So I can short 0.78 contracts which works out to $1 per point which is great and matches my 1 Bitcoin spot position, however when the GBP USD exchange rate changes up or down it will mean I am no longer shorting exactly 1 BTC..... I did a test a few days ago whereby I shorted 1 BTC USD (GBP variant) and 1 BTC USD on IG cfd. I chose 0.78 contracts on the GBP variant due to the exchange rate being 1.27 on the day I entered the position, which would match $1 per point. As you can see from the image p/l are not exactly the same due to the exchange rate changing to 1.30 today. As time goes on the rate will fluctuate even further from the inital rate hence not mirroring 1 spot btc usd.
  18. If you are UK based with a GBP account that's better because then you can use the Bitcoin (GBP 1) instead of the Bitcoin ($1) deal ticket so for a 1 contract short when the spread is 36 you sell at £1/point and enter, your account will show a £36 loss (which is the spread or the 'cost of the trade') and you will need to see price go down over 36 points before you start to show a profit. If you are holding the trade overnight then the interests costs or 'overnight funding' come into play, not sure if they use a conversion fee if it's the GBP not the $ deal ticket, and for shorts you may be paid the interest rather than paying as you would for a long. Jump on the demo platform and have a play around with the inputs is a good way to learn.
  19. Wow. That looks crazy good. I've been looking at the coding to understand it better and I can't seem to find out where the problem lies.
  20. Appreciate the reply, really helpful. Apologies I linked to the wrong IG US site, I am in the UK and my account is in GBP. This exctract from the UK page where the fx charge is mentioned: https://www.ig.com/uk/charges So from your explanation of only the spread, overnight funding and profit/loss being charged the 0.5% fee makes this charge not really something to worry about as it will be so small that it will not really have any efffect on my trades. I can short the BTC USD as a 1:1 hedge for my spot bitcoin(opening a short of $1 per point per bitcoin im long in my spot position) and not have to worry about the exchange rate issues with the BTC USD(GBP) variant if I have understood it correctly. Please let me know if I have got the calculations correct: BTC USD price $8000 Short 1 contract which equals $1 per point GBP USD rate 1.27 Spread $38 FX fee per contract $38 * 0.5% = $0.19 Total spread fx fee x 2 (for opening and closing position) $0.38 Profit on position $1000 FX fee on position close $5 Swap charge 0.0556 ($8000 position size x 7 days) $31.14 FX fee on swap $0.16 Cheers 🙂 Page with details on spread and overnight swap for reference: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/what-are-igs-cryptocurrencies-cfd-product-details
  21. Good Luck (but luck it for Gamblers sooooo. i wish you all the best of success with it. I'll read back thru it all.
  22. The algorithm is I haven't tried on live yet, but hope to be ready to trial this from tomorrow. will obviously update how it goes
  23. I'm clearly late to the party again. Looks like some great info being thrown down in here. So, are you winning now?
  24. Was able to optimise the strategy a little more for FTSE 100. Managed to work with smaller TP levels, which led to a reduction of time in market. Also % of winning trades went up. Optimised the entry condition a bit more as well, now working with stop orders not market orders. New stats: Gain: 1380% (+73% vs previous run) % of winning trades: 64% (+4% vs previous run) Time in market: 18% (-2% vs previous run) Would've turned out marvellously for today btw. Hit perfectly the high and low candle of this move.
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