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  2. Has anyone been having trouble with playing IGTV on a Macbook? I have been battling lately both in safari and chrome. I believe flash player is being discontinued. Any advice?
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  4. I tried connecting to the IG server (mt4.ig.com:443) from web-based MT4 but it says the broker doesn't support web MT4. Are there any workarounds or future plans for IG to allow web MT4?
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  6. Start the conversation The US election is scheduled for Tuesday 3 November 2020, when all 50 states and Washington DC will cast their votes. The vote spans six different time zones, so the first exit polls will be available at around 11pm (EST) when West Coast voting closes. In the UK, that will be around 4am (GMT) on Wednesday 4 November 2020. The election is likely to create opportunities for traders, with price movements expected across a range of forex pairs, indices and commodities in the run-up to polling day. Volatility related to the election could continue until congress certifies the result on Wednesday 6 January 2021, or even until the winner is inaugurated on Wednesday 20 January 2021. What should traders expect to see during the US election? All US markets tend to experience increased volatility in the run up to a presidential election, including USD forex pairs, indices and commodities. That’s because many investors will attempt to lock in positions before the result is announced – using polls to gauge public sentiment. The aim is to take full advantage of the price moves that occur when the country’s political direction is confirmed. At the top level, early indications suggest that the following could be on the cards if one of these two main candidates win: Donald Trump A Trump win could see an escalation of the trade war, potentially causing problems for some US exporters and having a negative impact on the value of the dollar. However, this effect could be offset by reassurances that tax cuts and deregulation will continue – boosting the US economy. Joe Biden A Biden win could see tensions in the trade war cool, providing a boost to US exporters and the dollar. However, these effects could be offset by tax increases for high-income households, and more limited deregulation. How will markets react to the different candidates? Market commentary by IG Senior Market Analyst Joshua Mahony Stocks Markets hate uncertainty, and historically the perception has been that a new president might bring policies that could be harmful for stocks. This happened in 2016 when analysts were confident that a Trump presidency would spark a market collapse. But, we are now seeing that same fear creep in as people consider a Biden presidency and the potential uncertainty it could cause. Biden is openly more left-leaning, and his policies are expected to be geared towards human needs rather than those of investors and traders. This sentiment isn’t helped by suggestions that Biden would reverse Trump’s tax cuts, and it is likely that markets will rise alongside the potentially increased chance of a Trump victory as we approach the election. USD The value of a currency is supposed to reflect the health of an economy and its future prospects. Many are expecting Biden to be less focused on the markets than his Republican opponent, so the dollar could weaken in the event of a Biden victory. However, this effect could be offset if Biden is able to improve relations between the US and China after years of market anxiety. In this scenario, it would be the Chinese yuan which may benefit the most, with the trade war having sparked huge upside for USD/CNH. Keep in mind that if the wider markets fall on a Biden victory – including US stocks and indices – the dollar would likely rally in the short-term to reflect a risk-off move as investors turn to USD. Gold The prospect of a more expansive fiscal policy under Biden, and from a government which is happy to embark on substantial spending programmes, could provide a boost to precious metals. There’s a caveat here too, because in the past precious metals have also followed the same patterns as the stock markets during times of crisis. So, any collapse in equity markets that may come from a change at the White House could drag gold lower in the immediate period. Plus, while Trump has finally seen the kind of stimulus he would have hoped for, a Biden win could result in a more substantial stimulus package if the Democrats gain a foothold in Congress. How are you trading?
  7. Dax has been volatile today. Down 600, Dax down 4% on COVID fears. US open in 10 minutes.
  8. Hi, Can you please advise when is the last day to buy more TILS before settlement takes place? HL platform confirmed it is 30th October, can you please confirm the same? Thanks
  9. Great thank you! That is a great temporary fix, but I’m still confused as to why this change has happened? I can’t manage trade position sizes via the mobile app at all and now only via the IG terminal EA. Is anyone having similar issues? Really need an ETA when this will be fixed or a permanent resolution.
  10. yes that's right for EAs, just open a new chart (anything) and then add the trade terminal, it will completely take it over and will show all trades on all markets.
  11. Thank you that’s great, I never knew they were available. However I’m unable to install them as I can’t have more than one EA running on a chart at a time. I don’t understand why this is happening and it’s only started happening in the last 12 hours. It must be from the IG side as they control the positions sizes etc. Any advice would be great as this is a pretty frustrating update.
  12. The reason for the change is Rolls-Royce has announced a rights issue. The ex date is today. If you held shares from yesterday through to the open this morning you will be entitled to the following. Rolls-Royce announces £2 billion rights issue The rights issue trading period for Rolls-Royce shares is now active, giving you the chance to buy new shares for the reduced price of 32p until the deadline date – 4pm (UK time) on 6 November 2020. You’ll be able to subscribe to ten new shares for every three you currently hold. This offer has implications if you have either long or short positions – learn how to get your preferred outcome below. How this affects your entitlement: You have a number of options depending on your original trade. If you have a long position, you can: ■Take up the rights issue by replying to this email (corporate.actions@ig.com) before the deadline, quoting your account ID and stating your wish to take up the rights. ■Do nothing and let the rights lapse – this is IG’s default option for clients ■Trade out of the rights by closing your position in the platform by 6 November 2020 – 4pm (UK time) If you have a short position, you can: ■Buy the rights back by closing your short position, before 6 November 2020 – 4pm (UK time), in the platform during the rights trading period ■Take no action. This will risk your rights being taken up automatically, depending on the result of the offer. This means that you may have a new short position opened on your account at the subscription price under the terms of the offer You’ll need to make your decision by 4pm (UK time) on 6 November 2020 – otherwise your entitlement will lapse by default. If you hold rights on multiple accounts, please reply to this email and state the relevant account IDs on which you wish to take up the rights. You'll also need to do this if your ISA is at the maximum allowance – please confirm that you'd like the new shares transferred to your share dealing account. If you hold shares in a share dealing or ISA account, please ensure the relevant one is adequately funded before this deadline date and maintained beyond 12 November 2020 – when the new shares will be booked on your account – or this election will lapse by default. All positions with guaranteed stops will be closed at the final price on the day before the ex-date. We’ll open a new position to automatically take up the above offer at an adjusted level and size. The monetary risk of the trade will remain the same. We’ll also remove all working orders on Rolls-Royce before the market opens on the ex-date. Please be aware that the information above could change. You can find quick answers to any questions about this rights issue in the FAQs.
  13. this page Number 3. If mt4 is running will load automatically on double click from computer downloads folder then in mt4 Right click on Navigator and click Refresh. https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-platforms/metatrader-4/mt4-indicators
  14. Thank you for you quick response. I don’t seem to have the above in my terminal. And where do I find the apps pack download? Sorry to be a pain..
  15. Thanks @TFFX_, think i got it. If i had a long spreadbetting position of +100 on RR and decided to take up the rights, I would get (10/3)*100 = +333 at 32p and my original positions would remain in place too. If I opt out, what does this mean? Do i get 333*(current_price-32)?
  16. You have to take what the market gives you, as that is impossible to know in advance you have to have a target and / or risk management strategy for trailing a stop - that's up to you to decide and fathom out what suits you Using a larger position and then dumping part of it at specific target points is perfectly fine and it can turn a losing position into a winning one to a certain extent Take the chart below - This is a PERFECT swing trade run and I can confirm that I'm on moves like this all the time in my other accounts At the green line you would NOT have known that a trend was starting - BUT as a trader the set-up was typical of the start of a trend, so you take the trade Stop 1pt under the swing low point (green line), then you let the position just run, moving your stop to the last swing low point until stopped out As you can see the red line would have stopped you out - you would have got back in around the red line too, for the last sections Look at the points that resulted in - having set targets would not have got that result, which is why you need to have a set-up/method and stick to it (you can pyramid on EVERY swing low point too) Obviously the below ONLY happens when the market trends - it goes skew-wiff in sideways markets The main USA markets are skewed naturally to the upside - just take a look back from 2009 low to see how true this is and how much one could have stripped from the market using a set and forgot with a tiny tweak every now and then the chart below is the daily Nasdaq100 Every night I run a SCAN on my charting software that looks for Elliott Wave, Waves 2 - that scan picks up markets displaying the below formation to the green line - this formation is Gann's Secondary Reaction Kingfisher Plc had a pretty good run too of late as it works on stocks too To confirm a swing low the market HAS to CLOSE above the prior swing HIGH - then and only then do you move your stop to the most recently confirmed swing low point less 1pt and so on until stopped From a risk point of view on the Nasdaq100 this would have been 160pts and would have taken 2 attempts to enter, being stopped out on the 1st attempt - if placing stop under the reaction low point at the GREEN line it would have cost you 210pts in risk to make 2947 points This is a R:R of 14R using the 210pts as initial risk All you have to do is test EVERY EW 2 or Gann secondary reaction you find, so will work like this and others won't - BUT the ones that DO outweigh the others The one thing you should see is that WHEN the market does as expected after the 1st entry bar it does NOT retrace backwards to the high of the entry so as another safeguard you can shove your stop to breakeven virtually straight away or just below the high of the entry bar - up to you Then IF you're stopped its a very early indication that a trend might not be in play etc I'm willing to bet most people don't make 14R from a trade too The below set-up will only be achieved by the ultra patient and disciplined as most people can't simply wait My 15 son traded this in his child trust fund this year
  17. Hi, open the IG Trade Terminal (from the apps pack download) and try from there. Look at > Tools
  18. Is there a way of fixing an incorrect data point so that a chart is not distorted by the incorrect data? An example being Rio Tinto Plc trading on 27 July with a low of 47.8 which I assume should have been 100 times higher. The Rio candle charts are distorted due to this, to the point of being far less useful. Thanks
  19. Bes to have a read of the terms for the rights issue from RR - this will give you a better idea of what they are offering. Also, have a look at the below article from the Telegraph - it broadly cover the three items you mentioned above: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/investing/shares/rolls-royce-raising-money-rights-issue-should-worry-invest/#:~:text=What is Rolls-Royce doing,to help raise £2bn.
  20. Can someone explain what has happened with rolls roycwe
  21. if your system has a contingency for news or market open periods of high volatility fine. What I meant by be careful was just put your hands in the air and step away from the key board!
  22. Hi all, Trying to reduce my position on MT4 by half from 0.20 to 0.10 but the box is greyed out on the terminal and won’t let me. On the mobile app this option isn’t even visible anymore. It allowed me to make this change yesterday, so I’m a little panicked I’m currently trying to partially close a position on the US30 and I’m based in the U.K. I’ve closed my terminal down and restarted it, the mobile app is up to date but it’s not made any difference. Any advice or help would be really appreciated.
  23. HMB


    You mean a system of precisely defined conditions based on observable, quantitative data (for example a purely technical trading system)? Did you not just earlier (rightly) point out that one needs to be careful around news events? And does this not involve a subjective component (judgment) that involves thinking and can only be tested within limits?
  24. I had three long positions in Rolls Royce and there has been a 'rights issue'. Can someone please explain in plain simple English what this means. I am very confused what happens to my long positions - I believe I have an option to 1. take up the rights, 2. do nothing and let rights lapse or 3. trade out of the rights. I think this means that I can get more shares for each one that I hold? What then happens to my previous long positions, stops etc?
  25. not too many people are successful just trying to second guess the market all the time, they tend to be successful because they have developed a system that they can operate without thinking and has a positive expectancy proved by ongoing testing. Part of that testing is the demo stage and will prove many ideas wrong, finding something that survives demo may well take time but if does then move onto the live testing at minimal size. That's the stage when you learn many lessons in actual trading that can never be learnt on demo but if you don't have any system at all then it resorts to just guessing and hoping and you will break yourself on it. Devise a system that can survive demo first and it might have a chance live.
  26. HMB


    sure, you are right, maybe I should consider trading only demo for years to come. Or just let it be and live with the (colossal) failure. Been thinking about that, and will keep doing so - and trading with small size for a while might actually convince me to stop. I see value in using trading to develop self-control and other more general skills, though, which may be worth a regular small loss. But there may of course be better ways, or I'm wrong with this completely - haven't made up my mind about that, either, yet. Regarding systems - I think I'm just too far away from that - be it personality, skills or interests. I have a hard time to imagine that I could come up with a set of so clearly defined rules when to enter trades that leave any judgment out of the equation, and then still be profitable. I think if something like that existed, it would have been found by others already and should stop working soon - in particular nowadays with kinda unlimited computing power and AI. And I don't have the skills to compete in that area. For now I'm trying to just avoid mistakes (in particular stick to loss limits) and also be more conscious about what I'm doing (e.g. formulate reasons for entry and targets) - for any system development I guess these would also be very early steps. Monthly loss limit just got hit - back with a new trade in four weeks..!
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