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  4. @CharlotteIG, Yes interesting piece. I think Cryptocurrencies are an asset class to stay. What I do not know is which Cryptocurrencies will make it and survive and which will not make it and fail. Will Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash make it? For me Bitcoin is clearly on a downward trajectory but as we know with Bitcoin it is capable of reversing quickly and hitting double digit returns in the opposite direction over a matter of hours. I have seen that many times before. The key to all this will be news and no analysts can predict when this news will be released. Right now positive news will drive Crypto prices higher and no news or negative news will drive it lower. Also one pattern I am seeing is that when Indices are bullish and Gold and Bonds are bearish then Cryptos seem to do well and when Indices are bearish and Gold and Bonds are bullish then Cryptos seem to fare badly. This is just a trend I have been seeing which tends to be a good indicator of imminent direction for Crypto prices on a short term time period.
  5. Breakout! Hmm, USD driven or in advance of stocks I wonder...
  6. Breakout? Wonder if we will see turns across the board...
  7. I don't use the signals service but just looked and IG are listed here in the 'select Broker' drop down box, select IG live or demo and try from there. see pic. https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/mt4/page1
  8. I read all the information but it look like it is impossible from IG to follow metatrader signal, I think IG blocked them
  9. Dax is rattling around perfectly happily between S1 and the Pivot just waiting for something to happen.
  10. The Dax is clinging on for dear life:
  11. @TrendFollower- Thought you'd like this piece: https://www.ig.com/uk/news-and-trade-ideas/bitcoin-price-weakness-could-spark-wider-crypto-sell-off-191114 Let me know what you think and what you would want from our analysts. They love hearing what you want our community members are chatting about and are happy to invest some time and share their thoughts.
  12. @Paul2209- no problem at all. If you need anything in the future let me know by @ me into a post :)
  13. I know you have @dmedin 😁 I wasn't very clear from quoting you, the 1st paragraph was for you. The 2nd one was for everyone else hehe! I'm still getting to grips with how to post 🙈 I've just amended it
  14. Thank you for your response Charlotte, very much appeciated.
  15. the page has links to a number of articles and a video so study them first, you need to set up an account etc. https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/618?utm_source=mt4terminal&utm_medium=special&utm_campaign=en.mail.signals
  16. dmedin

    Joe Elle

    Charlotte, I have been involved for almost a year 😮
  17. I have that now but when I try to buy a signal, it is impossible and I don’t know why
  18. There are so many people on community but I feel sometimes people are hesitant to post or not sure what they can post. It really is open to all trading ideas and questions. If you're wondering whether to get involved please do. Everyone is so friendly. Nothing is a 'silly' questions and every opinion is valued.
  19. The important point all along was perpetual intellectual property theft, everything else was just dressing. Interestingly China a few days ago signed an agreement with the EU regarding IP rights but I have not had a change to go into it yet.
  20. Hey @Paul2209, thanks for you message. With our non-leveraged accounts and investment portfolios it's too hard to replicate them in a demo environment. We're looking to add some guides for Share dealing and ISA accounts when we release our new platform (early next year) but not a demo. With out smart portfolios we do offer a performance page if that helps: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/smart-portfolios/performance
  21. If that's true, then he is a massive a-hole (I assumed the media was laying blame on him to avoid the complex reality of the forces pulling the strings behind the scenes, just like how Dubya was an idiot puppet president). Bernie Sanders or bust
  22. dmedin

    Joe Elle

    IG has circa 180,000 clients but we don't even have 18 regular posters on this forum.
  23. just seen you are looking for the metatraders 'signal service', you do that from the mt4 platform, it will have sent you mail, click on the 'Terminal' tab and see pic below
  24. Agree the impeachment is turning into a bit of a farce. It is one thing knowing what occurred and quite another to prove it, as the proceedings show. Impeachment does not work, often has the reverse effect. Also, I concur, the trade war is entirely Trumps making and he could end it today if he chose. I might also suggest the past 18 months have more than consolidated the markets; they have consistently broken all time highs. We are witnessing the top of a cycle, yes it could kick on and break out into the stratosphere, but not for long. Sooner or later, for better or for worse, the basic tenets of global free market capitalism will be questioned with regard the continued wholesale exploitation of our planet's resources and people, regarding long term sustainability. Thorny issues indeed. The easy way is to ignore/avoid and hope for the best. Not to mention global real politic having an effect on US equities and commodity prices, thereby validating the watch and wait strategy. Thanks fo the interesting and informed comment (as usual) and I wish you a fine evening.
  25. no you don't need to connect to metatrader at all, just IG. So you don't need metatrader's mt4 or their feed, just the ones provided by IG. so go back to my first post above and check you have IG's live and demo feed, as per my picture. to set up IG just click on each feed (live or demo) in turn and click 'next' and follow the instructions. For the live account you will need the info sent in 2 emails from IG, one with your login and one with your password. For demo account mt4 assigns a random one automatically.
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