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  2. Thanks for the information.
  3. Holding up quite well during the session so far but what will the US open bring? Still an awful lot of uncertainty and if there's one thing markets hate it's uncertainty. M15 charts;
  4. China is bouncing back but only after a period of large scale shut downs and lock downs. It Europe needs to do the same would mean an extended period of downturn but may not be the case.
  5. It certainly feels like there should be a bounce but I'm not convinced the bull market will resume within the next few months.
  6. Hi, what you are saying is generally correct, the DMA will not only give better fills but also gives a cheaper cost of trading in the long run but only if you are dealing in large size. Some use the PRT platform for charting and the DMA platform for trading as the PRT platform comes free with a minimum number of trades put through either platform.
  7. DAX Seems the sellers are tired, or maybe lunch? Lets see if we can get a higher swing low? or if its takes off without looking back?
  8. Today
  9. Hi, just got IG/PRT and would like to start trading asx shares through PRT but I have been told not to as it’s OTC trades, I should use IG DMA for trading over 20k as OTC it becomes a lot harder to get your fill. Would like to know others thoughts on this. PRT just looks so streamline to trade off the charts cheers
  10. T Bonds .... I thinjk we ll have a final sharp spike up into 20900/21000 on the futures which will equate to around 1.65|% for 30 year $$$$ ! That could be the final final nail in everyones coffin..... If the fed cuts rates I think T B s are a sell....With inflation at 2.1 cpi it gives 50 bp negative rates...... Which is actually supportive of equities.....
  11. that's right but the overall structure would suggest not a bad place to start thinking about it, all quick moving extended rallies and dips are figured to be overdone at some point and it may well be around here. A reversal pattern will show up on the daily chart when it does anyway.
  12. Being a friday afternnon and heading into the week end I d expect one last push lower as final sellers sell. Early monday may be a good time to re-establish a little long.....The RSI s are so over sold......BUt we may just track sideways, which will cause RSI s to bounce.... I have a theory based on one of my January posts that this is merely a very nasty correction and goes back to the 2008 peak..... Meantime....DJ 24600 or so......FTSE I fancy from about 6450 being 1.618% extension of the ABC . Apple...What can I say.....Bottom of channel comes in around $260, I m holding for the summer time....
  13. lol based on that chart alone I would not be able to make a decision ...
  14. Back to the would you (short or buy) Nas question ?
  15. Hey @JordanRC Would you be able to put a screenshot in here or give our client facing team a call to look into this for you. Is anyone else getting this issues?
  16. New Platform: - visually unappealing - tried to be too clean with minimalistic design but makes everything difficult to access. - No simple access to information on stocks and shares e.g. RNS announcements / news - screens constantly closing and having to be reopened to view markets - inability to quickly move graphs and aspects of screens. In simple terms - scrap the new system.
  17. What do i do if its saying 'sorry, something went wrong' when i try to go to my live account??
  18. Did you close it with profit or waiting for more profit? Exit is imoprtant trading options they move very fast
  19. Very similar set up for the Nikkei and that market has already closed live trading... FTSE100's goose is cooked though, as is the Russell 2000 and other markets: SP500, Dow and Dax are more likely to have now topped out, from a technical perspective but still a day of the month to go so let's see...
  20. One of our analysts has but up a piece UK budget preview: what to expect. It's a good read for the news follower. It does link back to a piece back at the beginning of Feb that others may find useful.
  21. The perma bull market was/is principally driven by Tech momentum stocks so it would follow that a dip buying relief rally of final wave to a bull ending point would be similarly led. The Nasdaq currently lies at a critical juncture for me as it has hit and bounced back up off a very long term channel support zone (8200 =/-). If we now see a bounce here then the relief rally could be on but if we see this zone broken (close below at the end of the month (i.e. today!) then who knows where this ends... FWIW, at at this point it isn't worth much, I think we will see a relief rally...
  22. Hence why it always says 'keep your money in for at least five years' on all the investment sites.
  23. being deep underwater is hard to endure especially for long periods and especially if you need the money to buy face masks and tissues. Most household share owners sold during the last recession and most never came back to the stock market, true fact.
  24. Huh? That makes no sense. In 1 - 2 years their shares will have recovered all the lost value and then some.
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