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    • Dividend Adjustments 25 May - 1 Jun
      Please see the expected dividend adjustment figures for a number of our major indices for the week commencing 25th May 2020.
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    • Memorial Day & UK Late May Bank Holiday
      Memorial Day & UK Late May Bank Holiday - There will be some changes to our normal opening hours over the UK spring bank holiday and US Memorial Day period. Check the table below, and find out how the changes could impact your trading.

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    • Post in Gold & Silver in a LT rally
      Daniel Lacalle, chief economist at Tressis tells IGTV’s Victoria Scholar that the opportunity for gold looks more attractive for international investors. Meanwhile he says that it does not make sense for investors to buy gold and sell silver or vice versa and that the two precious metals should be invested in side by side with the same directional view. What are your thoughts on this?
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