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I'm having exactly the same problems. The position size on screen does not match up to the position on the statement and therefore the total account value is wrong. It always seems to be less. 

Have tried to contact IG about this and either they dont understand the problem or cant help. Thought it was just me until I read so many people having the same problem here. 

Its hard enough to try and make gains when trading without IG making your profits dissapear from the screen. I'll give them one more chance to fix this otherwise I'm pulling my account with them...

@IG Españacan you please help!! 

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I have the same problem, Total account value is much less then P&L. I know many are saying could be the exchange  rate and other charges/fees but such a big difference does not add up!

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After doing a lot of research I understood that the P&L is not to trust! The Total Account Value is much less than the P&L. If I add P&L to the initial sum I deposited does not match on the overall Total Account Value.

This is because the P&L amount does not cover the following:

1. Buy/sell Fees (10£) for each trade

2. Exchange rate fees ( 0.5%) for each trade

3.  Exchange rate movement GBP/USD

4. The most important, and in my opinion hidden one, is the spread when you buy/sell stocks. This is for normal Share dealing accounts also. The spread explains where the majority of the money gets taken. On a 14% profit half of it (7%) is gone in Fees and especially on the spread above.


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