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Autumn is the season of big market crashes!


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Here is another zerohedge article that got me to thinking about when big crashes happen, I seemed to remember it was always after the Summer and so I had a look at the S&P and I found the following to add to the article:


  • The 1987 Black Monday crash occurred in October
  • The Dotcom bubble crash started in Sept 2000, the second leg in Aug 2001
  • The Credit crunch crash started in Nov 2007 but the big crash phase began in Sept 2008
  • The 2011 correction was in Aug & Sept
  • The 2015 correction, forestalled some say by the Fed and a mysterious buyer of US stocks, was in Aug & Sept

Is that really just coincidence or human nature at work?











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I can hear the voice of Private Frazer even as I type;

"I tell ye laddie - We're doomed!"


On the upside - it's Friday evening and I'm about to head to the pub where all life's miseries will be solved!

(Well, until Monday morning, at least)


Have a good weekend,


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The only difference is that Frazer was miserable about it where as I don't feel one way of the other about it so long as I can profit (and protect myself).  Forewarned is forearmed as they say, though it is amazing just how many people prefer the ostrich strategy...

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