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How LONG does IG take?

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Hi Everyone

Iv registered on other platforms before - so I have a good idea of timelines - but how long does it take IG to register your payment so you can start trading?

4 calls between 10-30min long (im currently holding while I type this for 15min). Sent emails, their LIVE chat is offline and just general poor communication. Is anyone else having trouble getting in touch with them? Iv called 3 different IG numbers - only thing I havent tried is Twitter - has anyone had any luck with that?

Deposited a large amount last week - generally would have expected this money to reflect in my account by now...any help on how we can get IG to do their job?






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Guest Mr AI

I've been with other brokers.

IG service is absolutely rubbish. On hold forever and days wasted because I can't even get my account sorted. I've gave up. Keeping away from them now. 

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