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APP SUGGESTION: Comments included on ALERT notifications in app

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Personally I think it would be nice if the comment/message that we can add to our trading alerts actually showed up when we receive notifications on our phones.

It's great that we can add comments to alerts but when that alert appears as a notification on my iPhone lock-screen all that is shown is data and not my personal comment.



Currently if I were to set a price level alert for GBP/USD for buy price 12335.5 (with a comment saying 'Limit reached 🤑🤑🤑') the notification on my iPhone would be:

GBP/USD (DFB) buy price ≤ 12335.5

I wouldn't be able to see my comment until I logged into the app and checked my alerts.


It would be nice if the iPhone notification was as follows:

GBP/USD (DFB) buy price ≤ 12335.5

Limit reached 🤑🤑🤑


It would be a great way to easily recognise what the alerts meant at a glance (especially if you have several on the go), without having to sign in to check. It would be incredibly helpful for quickly recognising price points for limits and stops, or other indicators for closing or opening trades, before the app is even open.

Please consider adding this to the next update, it would be a highly useful feature.


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