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demo practice history

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hi , anyone know if /where you can practice trading on a historical date ie 9 th of january , as tho it was in real time i know in the usa on tradervate u can practice offline as tho it was in real time , this would let u know how various systems work in a virtual reality  if you see my point...   i have prorealtime but cant see an option to do that      

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No i don't think IG have an option to do that on their demo account.

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Nope but I think you can do it using ProRealTime (lol) using ProBackTest

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    • *parp!*  Ooh what's that smell!  
    • Using Spread bet is not suitable for scalping in my view , you get filled and exit at a poor price and its hard to cover a spread. Depends on what your definition of a 'scalp'  is though   Share dealing is  a lot better for US stocks (no fees) but you need the capital and can only go long. 
    • The point Rayner was making is if you only have a five point target and your win rate is not very high it is probably not a viable strategy.