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Data corruption in xxxJPY pairs (the quote currency)



On 23rd march (depending on timezone) a corruption of data occurred in some currency pairs of the JPY quote currency.


I am sure I am not the first to ask this question on the forum, so if this has already been answered and a solution offered, I would be pleased to be so directed.


However in the absence of that, I should point out that the GBPJPY and USDJPY quote dat is corrupted.

How can I clean this data from mu computer?

I have tried several things such as deleting cache and old charts, refreshing MT4 build etc etc, to no avail.

The issue is messing up my charts 7 weeks later.

Is this such a trivial issue that the powers that be don't feel it is worth assigning personnel to fix the issue? REALLY?


Newcastle NSW  Australia.


PS - This is NOT my first post on this forum - would you please stop "approving"my posts every time I log in here to post on an issue.



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