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After Hours Trading

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Hi folks,


I'm new to this site and trading in general, although I have a history in sports trading so understand more than the basics here. I have a few questions though I'd appreciate some help with.


1. US Stocks/Shares - I am trading these on a regular basis from the UK. I don't fully understand any charges bar the commission etc. I usually buy/sell back within weeks so other than commission will I incur any future charges? (I have filled in the w8ben form)

2. After Hours Trading. A lot of my stocks have risen after hours and I've been unable to trade. By the time the market re-opens at 230pm our time the stock has fallen again. It says on site After Hours Trading is open but the buy/sell prices are the same etc. Can someone explain a away of availing of after hours trading to me and is it available on low dollar stocks, or only the likes of facebook/netflix etc?


Many thanks 

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    • Sorry, I didn't get it... What's Dual investment? 
    • The crypto market appears to be showing signs of recovery, with significant improvements in the Sharpe Ratios of Bitcoin, BGB, and Ethereum, according to an article published on Friday.  The Sharpe Ratio, a measure used to understand the return of an investment compared to its risk, has seen a notable increase for both cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin's Sharpe Ratio has risen from -2.4 to 0.68, while Ethereum and BGB have also experienced a similar uptrend. This change signifies higher returns at lower risk, which is expected to attract more investors to the crypto market. In addition to the improved Sharpe Ratios, increased network activity and trading volume as shown on CEXs like Bitget, Binance, and a few DEXs are suggesting a healthier market state. The current trading prices of Bitcoin, reflect this overall positive market sentiment. As of Friday, Bitcoin was trading at $27,069.73, BGB at $0.454 and Ethereum at $1,677.89. These developments are significant as they indicate reduced risk in the crypto market. The increase in the Sharpe Ratios for Bitcoin, BGB, and Ethereum suggests that these cryptocurrencies are becoming less risky investments, which could potentially lead to an influx of new investors into the market.  Could this rise in Sharpe Ratios coupled with increased network activity and trading volume point towards a recovering and less risky crypto market?
    • Hi, That's great, thank you very much. Very helpful! Many thanks.
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