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After Hours Trading

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Hi folks,


I'm new to this site and trading in general, although I have a history in sports trading so understand more than the basics here. I have a few questions though I'd appreciate some help with.


1. US Stocks/Shares - I am trading these on a regular basis from the UK. I don't fully understand any charges bar the commission etc. I usually buy/sell back within weeks so other than commission will I incur any future charges? (I have filled in the w8ben form)

2. After Hours Trading. A lot of my stocks have risen after hours and I've been unable to trade. By the time the market re-opens at 230pm our time the stock has fallen again. It says on site After Hours Trading is open but the buy/sell prices are the same etc. Can someone explain a away of availing of after hours trading to me and is it available on low dollar stocks, or only the likes of facebook/netflix etc?


Many thanks 

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