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Is anyone else's account showing 0 open positions in error?



I have a number of open positions and my dashboard still shows an accurate representation of my account value, postions value and running P&L.  However, on both the App and the website, says I have "No Open Positions".

Is anyone else having this issue?  I can't make any transactions on my existing book, the value is showing but not the actual positions.

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I had no orders showing for a while around the same time. I had just placed an order to sell ftse and was going for coffee when I noticed ORDERS showing 0. So I assumed I must have forgotten to hit " place order" and placed the same order again.ORDERS still showed 0 but my dashboard showed 2x ftse margin and everything else accurate.

Tried to contact IG by phone fruitlessly for half an hour or so by which time all was ok again so cancelled one of the orders and situation was then normal.Customer support non-existent.

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