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margins spread is too high for shares

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The spread that IG is taking is too high esp on Shares like Blue Prism - just not great platform

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It probably is for scalping or inter-minute trades but there are plenty of good swing trading opportunities. 

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I agree, the spreads are too wide.   Is there a better platform out there? 

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Guest edharley

IG used to brag about minimal spreads. Gold and Oil can be  up to 6.


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I only just noticed this.  F0ck me.


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8 minutes ago, dmedin said:

I only just noticed this

that market isn't open so the data won't be right, check the time of the last H1 candle on the chart.

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Guest an43850

New trick from IG.

Notice that new this month.

When client deal with "All session" shares / US, they use huge floating spread before/after markets hours.

The normal are 2pps, not a 60pps, not a 100pps, or higher.

Sadly, the client can burn a lot of cash, because  huge floating spread before/after markets hours  ... but IG takes commissions for sure! 

Comparing that with other CFD where have open "All session" shares / US - IG leads with tricks!

This new policy not very pleasant!

Anyone met that too?

Thank you :)

"Kill the goose, new one coming!"


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