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Phone Waiting Times



I have made a couple of calls to IG in the last few days.

The waiting times have been around 45 minutes.

Are there any standards set regarding waiting times for your customers, which you do not breach please?

Three days ago, I spoke to Abdul in the New Business department. He could not answer all my questions and informed me one of the managers will be calling me. No call has been received.

Thank you.

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Same with all UK companies.  They must have run out of Indian call centres to offshore to.

Difficult even to get a phone appointment with a doctor.  God bless the frontline heroes etc.  (We don't want to be a burden on the NHS, hahaha but I digress ... )

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Your wait times are a joke. In a fast market I want execution and with IG, I have to accept that my order won't get excuted. 2.5 minutes into the call I'm still going through the various tools you've got to reduce the chance the caller will be patient enough to stick with the call. 

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Hi @TimThomas

Currently call wait times are extremely low, we have increased significantly the headcount over the last months and we are trying our best to answer incoming calls within seconds or a couple of minutes in the worst scenario.

I'm sorry to hear that your call wasn't picked up quick enough. Should you call us again to deal I feel confident in saying that our Dealing team will meet your expectations. 

Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you (Carbon Emissions are available for Online Trading again).

All the best,


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