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Suffering lies ahead for many.

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What are the chances, given that our skumbags don't give a f*k about anyone but themselves?


“As prospects of quickly finding new work will remain poor for many, some countries should extend unemployment benefit durations to prevent jobseekers from sliding too quickly into much less generous minimum income benefits,” the OECD said.

The organisation described the economic impact of the pandemic as “far worse” than the 2008 financial crisis, noting that government policy “must remain supportive” throughout the crisis to minimise the risk of a “prolonged” slump.


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One of the side effects of mass unemployment - predators trying to sell you bullsh!t courses on how to become a day trader.  Swamped with ads on Youtube full of them.  Because desperate, gullible people will believe anything.  :D



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The majority of Americans in the largest metro areas felt down, depressed or hopeless last week, according to Bloomberg calculations from a new U.S. Census Household Pulse Survey, which collects data on how people’s lives have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.



Big wave of suicides coming?

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Unemployment has not surged, as many feared, because large numbers of firms have put employees on the government-backed furlough scheme.

But economists say the full effect on employment will not be felt until the scheme ends in October.



By winter we will have a second general lockdown as well as mass unemployment, dark nights and awful cold weather.

I can't f^cking wait :)


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On 07/07/2020 at 17:59, dmedin said:

These miserable-looking c&nts seem to be suffering enough already

that photo gave me flashbacks,, 15+ years going into the financial district with the masses of people on the subway. Depressing as f@ck , listening to all the cringy talk like  'implementing strategies', 'low hanging fruit', 'providing excellence'. 

Got  hacked off with it as I thought I might go postal,  went to Asia years ago and never came back . Life is too short. Sun, cheap lifestyle,  beaches and no politically correct BS talk or having to acknowledge the 472 different genders we have now 😄

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On 17/07/2020 at 04:33, DavyJones said:

that photo gave me flashbacks,, 15+ years going into the financial district with the masses of people on the subway. Depressing as f@ck , listening to all the cringy talk like  'implementing strategies', 'low hanging fruit', 'providing excellence'. 

Got  hacked off with it as I thought I might go postal,  went to Asia years ago and never came back . Life is too short. Sun, cheap lifestyle,  beaches and no politically correct BS talk or having to acknowledge the 472 different genders we have now 😄


And yet people flock to London from all over the world.  Even from places like southern Europe.  Things have got to be pretty bad when your kids want to leave sun-drenched countries with gorgeous diets to come and work low-paid jobs in a stinkhole like London.

Hopefully the EU can sort out things like 25%+ youth unemployment.  Why do they need millions of Syrians and Africans to work low-paid jobs if they already have millions of kids milling about doing nothing?

I dunno.  The more I think about the world's problems the less I understand.  I just want to go away and hide.

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Welcome to your next job:


The think tank and advocacy group that repeatedly takes companies like Google and Facebook to task warned in the report [PDF] that Amazon's retail side has gone far beyond promoting efficient working and has adopted an almost dystopian level of control over its warehouse workers, firing them if they fail to meet targets that are often kept a secret.

Among the practices it highlighted, the report said that workers are told to hit a target rate of packages to process per hour, though they are not told what exactly that target is. "We don't know what the rate is," one pseudonymous worker told the authors. "They change it behind the scenes. You'll know when you get a warning. They don't tell you what rate you have to hit at the beginning."

If they grow close to not meeting a target rate, or miss it, the worker receives an automated message warning them, the report said. Workers who fail to meet hidden targets can also receive a different type of electronic message; one that fires them.



But hey, at least Jeff Bezos is very rich.

Enjoy :)

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However, the government's own spending watchdog the Office for Budget Responsibility estimates that in a worst-case scenario, unemployment could hit four million next year.



Great stuff.  A free and independent Britain, with a crippled economy and millions out of work, will be in an excellent position when negotiating trade with the USA :D  :D:D:D:D

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Britain is on course to suffer the biggest increase in redundancies in a generation in the second half of 2020, based on lay-off notifications by employers hit by the coronavirus shock to the economy, a think tank said on Monday.



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See?  The liberal left are very selfish people.  I view them as being merely one side of the ruling bourgeoisie.  As long as they can keep their five-figure salaries and keep their 'pets' (BLM), they don't care about massive swathes of people seeing a reduction in their living standards.

Workers need unions now more than ever: 


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