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Determine underlying of commodities DFB




Is there a way to determine the exact underlying that IG are using for their prices. I know that they often make an adjustment for the futures roll, which I am okey with. I am after the underlying.

With Example:

London Sugar No 5. Under the product details, it would be very helpful to list the exchange, the product code etc. There isn't much info on there currently.

In this case I believe it is the ICE traded futures contract with code 'W'. Which ICE call 'White Sugar Futures', no mention of London or No.5 that I can see.



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47 minutes ago, Bopperz said:

Is there a way to determine the exact underlying that IG are using for their prices. I know that they often make an adjustment for the futures roll, which I am okey with. I am after the underlying.

Hi, not sure of the answer but I have done comparisons with IG's dax and the underlying exchange which it tracks. The 2 prices would kind of dance around each other, neither would mostly lead or lag but seemed to take turns and regularly drifted 5 points apart but quickly came back together. Occasionally they would drift as much as 10 points but because neither was the constant lagger and because they merged again so quickly there was no chance to take advantage of the temporary discrepancy. 

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    • Yes, there are may time-sized cycle. I will bear in mind your data. It is very good. This is going to be an interesting year forward! All the best.  
    • Here's some more clues as to what the markets are doing - Remember, this just would not work if markets were random This is Gann's Square of Nine (9) - He used it to work on both price and time It's basically a spiral of ORDERED numbers around a circle of 360 degrees, divided into sections  If you look closely enough you will see if you pulled number "1" up and towards you, the form would create a PYRAMID  As you can see in this simpler Gann Sq of 9 below, we can split the sq into GEOMETRICAL harmonics, in this case this is a cardinal cross Get the reference number point "61" and work through 65,69,73,77,81,86,91 etc - you can follow the sequence easily enough and see that those prices are following the natural order sequence of those cardinal point cross points...................... Here's those points in TIME (MONTHS) from the Oct 2022 LOW on the SP500 market - As you can see MANY MANY hits to the month and then the market reversed to some degree - KNOWLEDGE of this method would of allowed you to place those dates on your charts in 2002! YEARS in advance and this is just one method of many that pinpointed the 2009 low from a TIME perspective  THT
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