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Help with regards to unsettled credit and selling shares



Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask since I couldn't find the answers to the question I was looking for. 
I have 3 questions I need help with. 

1. If I buy shares with a cash account for e.g on monday I purchase $10,000 of shares and then sell them on monday, the settlement date would be on wednesday however the credit doesn't settle until around (1pm) on wednesday, I then purchase $10,000 shares on tuesday with the unsettled funds am I able to sell them anytime on wednesday or do I have to wait until (1pm) on wednesday once the credit as actually settled to be able to sell? 

2. If i buy $10,000 total of shares on monday but i only have $5000 available Cash and the other $5000 is with unsettled credit and the unsettled credit doesn't settle until wednesday am i able to sell $5000 worth of shares on tuesday before the unsettled funds have settle on wednesday ? or do i have to wait until wednesday in order to sell any of the shares since it was bought together with some unsettled credit ? 

3. If i buy $10,000 total of shares but $5000 with cash and $5000 with unsettled credit on monday and the credit doesn't settle till wednesday, If i deposit another $5000 cash into my account after or on the next day after i have already purchased the $10,000 of share am i able to sell all of the $10,000 of shares on tuesday ?


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