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Share dealing account charges questions

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 1. All I knew was US trades were £10 and UK are £8. But, with 3+ trades a month one is eligible for  £ 0 US trades and £3 UK trades.  What are the limitations of this is what I fail to understand with varying charges showing up per stock.
I am interested in USD and GBP 'trade charges' and 'discount terms' with and without manual conversion feature on.  I need help filling the table below:
For Manual conversion (base currency GBP)
  Max charge Min Charge Discounted trade terms Min discounted charge Max  discounted charge
US shares (USD)          
UK shares (GBP)          
For Automatic conversion (base currency GBP)
  Max charge Min Charge Discounted trade terms Min discounted charge Max  discounted charge
US shares (USD)          
UK shares (GBP)          
2. The varying charges per stock and value of order question:
Example stock Charges for $20k trade Charges for $10k trade charges for $5k trade Questions
Royal Caribbean Cruises $15 $15 $15 Why is the charge flat here?
Aurora Cannabis $26 $15 $15 Why is charge increasing for $10k plus
Hertz holdings $400 $200 $100 Why is charge ever increasing?
3. I hold 2 accounts with IG. A Stocks and Shares ISA and a Share dealing account. I get discounted rates for my ISA as I do 3+ trades a month. Do the discounted rates apply separately for each account or for all accounts held by a customer?
4. Are holding charges waived if 3+ trades are done with or without 'Manual conversion' in the same way?
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