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Odd dividend for BEP



I have Brookfield Renewable Partners (BEP) stocks. I received the first quarterly distribution payment yesterday. It was supposed to be USD $0.5425/share. What I received from IG was the distribution split into two payments (one for about USD$0.14/share and one amount for around $USD 0.02/share). So, in the end, I only received 51% of the actually distribution.

I'm in Australia, and to my knowledge, US stocks have a holding tax of 15%. So, why is the payment split into two, and why on earth have I only received half?

BEP is a Master Limited Partnership, and I know MLPs have some different tax rules. Could this be it, or is this an error from IG?

BTW, I've emailed and currently have two mobile phones on hold with IG. Haven't been able to get through all day, and no response to my email. 

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To follow up on this, I received a third payment today. So, one quarterly distribution was split into three payments over two days at three different exchange rates. 

I also noticed another dividend payment in my history from last week, again oddly taxed at about 31%. 

Does anyone know how you can see details on what dividend amount IG receive, what tax was withheld, and what the payout was? It makes it virtually impossible for me to report foreign income and tax withheld when I have to try and reverse engineer and guess what has happened.

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