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Have you got gas?


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Have you done a big poo, Jeremy?

Let's try out these 'zones' of Shupport and Reshistance! 🤓

Well, you smelly pl0nker?  

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Well Josephine, we appear to have completely emptied our bowels before promptly accumulating gas again (a V-shape type bouncy-bouncy), but I didn't go long as it would have involved putting the stop below the last swing low which would have been too big of a risk in absolute terms to my account.  So Tamsin, let us now wait for a dip before getting parpy bottoms once again.  💨


Natural Gas_20200901_02.02.png

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I am a complete newbie to this game and would like to ask-can anyone tell me why IG nat gas price tallies with other cfd providers at rollover and then does not track the spot price? The current IG price is 2488 and the current spot price is 1988. At rollover 23/08/2020 it aligned, give or take a few points and then progressively went to 50 points above, 100 points above, 150 points abopve, 200 points above and so on until we are now 500 points above spot price i am confused and really should not be considering i am trading it. feels like a stupid question with a simple answer but i really would like to know rather than keep silent. i have used the IG charts to chart what i think is going to work for me and made the mistake of having an IG account and another providers account and then using the excellent IG charts to trade on that other platform. i am trying to understand why the difference so that i can understand better going forward.

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Guest hayeksbane

Answering my own question i was charting off a spot chart and interpreting that data onto a futures contract....major newbie mistake do not do what i did. First lesson for me is trade the charts i am using to inform my decision making. second lesson, do not use spot charts to trade futures- i feel like a right numpty.

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Ooh Tamsin!

Ooh Eileen!

Ooh Samantha!

Ooh Peregrin Took!

Ooh Samwise Gamgee!

Ooh Tom Bombadil!

Ooh Cassandra!

Ooh Erydak Badu!

Ooh Patricia!

Ooh King Richard the Third!


What IS that smell?

Phee-yew!  It's a stinker 🤠




Natural Gas_20200924_05.59.png

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    • So we have 'outbreaks of covid' where no one actually gets sick. We have vaccines 'proven to work' but no actual working out, the vaccine companies still haven't provided complete data sets (still in trials). How would you know anyway when the survival rate was already 99.7% before the vaccines - it becomes 99.8%? Now govt makes law that all workers in care homes must have the experimental jab, and visiting relatives won't? Doubt it. And which profession comes next? Nurses?   Meanwhile how's lockdown going for you? As I said on Friday, you should have gone to Ascot. https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1406550082007224320/pu/vid/592x1280/mi3o2t3MsZxA5GvK.mp4?tag=12      
    • shocking!!!!!!!!   but not surprised as I was always afraid about stuff getting on to those face masks   
    • 👀  Very interesting article by ZeroHedge on the recent big main stream narrative flip (China lab leak); Why The Davos Elites Just Played The 'Jon Stewart' Card | ZeroHedge ''Now Stewart comes out at this moment to pull his schtick on Colbert’s show to rally the libs to the whole WuFlu, “China Did It To Us” Narrative The Davos Crowd is pushing on us now?  '' ''They’ve pulled out the Jon Stewart card to convince the squishy Millennials that China is our enemy.  Google will now whitewash all references to Ft. Detrick, their October 2019 exercises and all the rest of it.  Remember, Millennials, in general, don’t know anything.  They just Google **** and think they’re informed.''   Here is the comedy show segment (8 min) the article centres on, watch it first.    
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