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Have you got gas?


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Let's try out these 'zones' of Shupport and Reshistance! 🤓

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On 12/10/2020 at 16:19, dmedin said:

What do you think, Geraldine?  Should we short gas down to the closing of the gap?  🤔


Natural Gas_20201012_16.18.png


That's what I did, sadly I got stopped out before the trade went back in my favour.


Natural Gas_20201015_01.04.png

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If you've got the money, natural gas has been a great market to trade for the last few months.  I've lost money on it, because I was trying to TRADE it and using stops to preserve my little pool of capital.

You need to have REAL money and PROPERLY SIZED stops and STAYING POWER to take part in this game.

No wonder retail punters get f*ked in the $rse over and over and over again.  Stupid idiots :D 

Natural Gas_20201020_04.35.png

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