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connect failed [Invalid account] in MT4



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2 minutes ago, brhugh said:

Thanks for your reply. I didn't get any email with the password, I was just using my existing password. Is there any way to reset the MT4 password through the website?

the 2 emails might be a day apart, if you need to reset the password for your live account it can only be done via email (the same email account IG has on record for your account).

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Just now, malcolmjan said:

are you trying to link mt4 to ig? as im having the same problem, its asking for account number (mines has letters and numbers) and so i dont know what to do. pleasse let me know if you have solved this

IG's mt4 platform account login  has 5 digits for the live account and 6 digits for demo.

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12 minutes ago, brhugh said:

I got a 6 digit number for my live account & the server address in the email of: mt4.ig.com:443

I have tried that & the IG-LIVE in the pull down menu but to no avail.

6 digits should be for demo unless they have changed it just recently.

mt4 > File > Open an account > highlight account type (demo or live) and click next


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8 hours ago, ming365 said:



 This is my problem. I cannot open an demo account





Hi, the problem is the lack of connection so can't receive IG data. Try clicking on the connection box and rescan servers, if no luck you will need to email the helpdesk.

Is it a new account, IG had similar problems a short while ago.


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4 minutes ago, ming365 said:

Many thanks  Casenotes, Now my live account can connect.  But still there are two problems, As shown below: (1) no chart , (2) only live account, no demo account.  image.png.d83d3b5a8d20d1a7156fff93fe44b6f9.png



Hi, the charts should re-start live with a close and restart mt4 or just close the default charts and click add a chart, if you want more markets just right click on marketwatch and click 'show all'.

Not sure why the demo feed is not coming up, not seen that problem before, try rescan servers but you might have to download metaquotes mt4 for demo and use IG for live. You don't need to fund the account until you actually want to place trades.

ps @CharlotteIG can you please remove the pic in the post above with the live account number.

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