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trying to find similar MT4 indicators to use in ProReal Time



Hi all,

this is my first ever post here, so here it goes.

I'm fairly new to trading and have been using the MT4 platform and now moved onto Pro RealTime. I have been following the tutorials but would like to have the same or very similar indicators I was using in MT4 namely

(search Google for these)

1: MA in Color_wApplied Price - a nice EMA moving average, setting 8,21,50 and 200. This made the EMA have two colors Green and Red to show uptrend and downtrend.


2: MACD - two color for green in uptrend and red for down trend and two lines, I see this already which works out great.

3: RSI - I would like a RSI that has the overbought with a nice band across the top and bottom that can be set in a two colors, green block bar across top (70) and a red block bar (30) on bottom

4: aodivergence - this is similar to the MACD and shows diveragence and momentum.


Any indicators you think may be similar would be great and very  well received. I'm not how to add a picture will will show each indicator, unless some one can help me.



Thanks in advance



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Welcome to the IG community! We would be glad to help you move across to the ProRealTime platform and have the settings and indicators exactly how you want them.


Given the customisable nature of the platform it would be best recommended that you contact a member of our technical support team directly, either by phone or email, and we can help you implement what you are looking to achieve on the ProRealTime platform.


Our team is available 24 hours per day and can even be contacted on the weekend. Below are our contact details.




We look forward to hearing from you.

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