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Back-testing -> Historical data feeds

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Just wanted to share the data sources that I normally use in case you find them useful. 

These sources have been mentioned in the forum a few times before and I was wondering if you use them at all or prefer other sources for back-testing.

Duskalcopy - https://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/marketwatch/historical . Free

Yahoo Finance - https://help.yahoo.com/kb/download-historical-data-yahoo-finance-sln2311.html. Free

EoData - http://eoddata.com/products/historicaldata.aspx. Some examples for free. 

CSI Data - https://apps.csidata.com/FactsheetListing.aspx. Some examples for free. 

IG Streaming API - https://labs.ig.com/streaming-api-guide . Included with your account



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56 minutes ago, DavyJones said:

try prorealtime, you back test anything you like really and download other users scripts from the website

Thanks, I'll give it a go soon.

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    • Maybe IG have decided that with such exceptional demand, they don't need to worry about long term clients.  The exceptional mob will not be around for the long haul.  As a result of what IG have done, long term clients may not be around for the long haul either.
    • Charlotte, we keep seeing the message that's it's small caps that have been withdrawn. It isn't.  For example, Hikma has a market cap of £5.2bn and is in the FTSE100. How do we know which other companies IG might decide to do the same to? We are also told that it's due to exceptional client demand. In that case, limit new opening positions (buy and sell). Why should we long-term clients suffer due to this?
    • Hey,  I completely understand your frustration and I will pass it onto our senior team as well as the exposure desk.  The decisions has been made but I'm so sorry for how it's impacting your trading. With exceptional client demand in the equity space, we have reviewed our 12000 leveraged markets and decided to withdraw less than 1000 small cap equities, after a review of associated returns on these markets. We will continue to support these markets for Share Dealing, where that product is available. Sorry again for this inconvenience.  All the best 
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