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Open Offer Position Opened Automatically.



Hi, never enouncounted this, but someone is sure to tell me it's all my fault.

I was trading SIG Plc a while back.  Something appeared on my positions re an offer of 30p.  It wasn't doing anything.  I actually spoke to IG about it to say the offer was there if I wanted to take it.  I said I didn't.

Now I have an automatic bid on it.  It's running without my knowledge.  WTF!  and it's negative.

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More info to add.

I was Short on Sig. Plc.  I couldn't close the position and had to call IG.    I was told i could close the position if I wanted to, but i left it open.  The Open Offer was still there but i said I didn't want to keep it.  I was told if i left it, it would expire and nothign would happen.  I eventually Closed my Short in profit on the 23rd June!  I haven't traded Sig since then.  The Open offer was sitting in my Positions as 0!  Nothing.  Now today I have in my History the Closed Offer position.  PL showing as 0. but I have a Short Position open at 30p, and it's currently at 35p.

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Well if anyone else is interested, here's an update.

I had a Short position on SIG Plc on the 19th June 2020.   My chart froze sometime after either hours or days I'm not sure, with the message to Call to Trade only.  I called and a guy tried to explain what had happened.  There was an Open Offer and the market was temporarily closed.  I asked him what it meant and he said don't worry.  Do nothing and it will expire, so I left it.  I closed my Sig Short on the 23rd June.

I received an email from IG dated 23rd June at 13.41.  Note that it's the 23rd!.  In the email the Expiry of the Offer was the 22nd June!  The Day Before.!    

I've called IG again today after 40 mins on hold and a 20 mins conversation to be told that the previous guy i spoke to has put in his notes I asked about advice on an open offer on a LONG position!!!!    If it was a Long Position i could leave it and it would expire no consequence.   What he didn't tell me was that If it was a Short position I needed to Close my Trade by the 22nd.. The 22nd!  I called before then!.   I didn't get the email until the 23rd telling me the expiry was the 22nd.

What the hell has happened here?


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