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How can I see more days candle in mins chart with ProRealTime?



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Hi, sorry if this is a late reply. I think what you need to do is increase the amount of historical data PRT loads when it starts.

If you look to the top-LEFT of the trading window you should see a dropdown box, probably labeled "200 units". I think that's the default value it uses. To the RIGHT of that label you should see a downward triangle, click on that and you should get a dropdown menu. It should look similar to the one in the graphic I've attached.

Try clicking on a higher number of units, say 1000 units. That should load historical data going back 1000 "units" where a "unit" is the timeframe you're working in. So, "1000 units" in a 1 minute timeframe is around 16hr 40 minutes, and "1000 units" in a daily time frame is about 6 months and a few weeks.

The only "downside" to having more units load is that it can impact on your network bandwidth when the window first starts up as it will be drawing more data across the network.

Give that a try and, good luck.


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