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Share dealing and ISA

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hi guys, i am pretty new to IG.com and i want to know if the share dealing account is the ISA? or i need to create ISA individually. In my IG appears three platform, share dealing, CFD and spread bet. Please help me on this! Cheers

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No the share dealing account is subject to tax. You will need to make a seperate application for an ISA and it will appear.

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    • Yep I agree this needs to be rising - the only plausible excuse for me is that the age range testing positive en masse can withstand the death aspect of the virus - i.e. the under 30's  
    • In conspiracy land there's been an ongoing piece for decades about the governments running/controlling our lives such as in Orwells Animal Farm and 1984 It has credence as a possibility, and testing compliance such as we are all abiding by now does fit Doesn't mean its actually happening though - I'm just on alert personally as this needs to end sometime and lives back to normal without any government control etc David Icke calls it the Totalitarian Tiptoe - Small little bites at removing freedoms until you have non left - it is plausible but so is going to live on Pluto one day  the only part of me that keeps one eye open is I 100% believe Icke about the FED and 9/11 that he's written about over a decade ago A pandemic is the perfect cover for a totalitarian regime to take control - "you need to do as we tell you and we'll save you" I'm sceptical but aware