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Dax 1 minute historical data

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I'm trying to source Dax 1 minute historical data in CSV format, but am being quoted very high prices by data providers.

For example, £4,500 for 3 years of data. Quotes for smaller periods are still very expensive.

Anyone know of any data providers that charge more competitive rates? I have failed to find any on Google to date but am still searching.

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Hi BK, you might want to create an account with IQFeed and subscribe to Eurex instead.

You don't need to pay 4K for that, just subscribe and pay around 150 USD per month, cancel anytime. They provide 10 years of 1 minute bars for all paid accounts, 180 days of tick. You can download all the data to a csv using a freely available software without the need of any platform.

Been with them for years, best quality of data you can get in my opinion.


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