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Features you want added to IG

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Development needs for Share Dealing and ISA Accounts: - 1. A low-cost Dividend Reinvestment facility is a must - this will have huge benefits for IG as, with your commission structure, I'm confid

Limit (take profit) orders on daily and weekly options would be nice  

Please assign the IG labs forums to someone that doesn't ignore messages. There must be someone that can respond to technical questions.  There are posts that have been sitting there for months.

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4 hours ago, TheGuru12 said:

Technical Analysis features in the API. I'd like to be able to query Support and Resistance Levels

Oh yeah

You mean ... you can't do technical analysis using their API? 😮 

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One of the most powerful advantages that institutional traders can have is the ability to see open orders in the markets. Now you too can have that advantage with OANDA's Order Book tool. 

See the buy and sell orders including limit, stop loss, take profit and trailing stop orders of other OANDA clients. You can also view long and short positions in the markets.


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On 14/09/2020 at 06:28, dmedin said:


IG's IT team are absolutely f*king useless.

New features get added to tradingview.com all the f*king time without the world falling in.

Lazy c*nts.

Their customer service isn't up to much either; I asked a question about an error message I was getting ('Market is not available' - despite the fact it's blatantly open) and I was told I'd get a reply the next day. That was 17 days ago now...

I'm actively searching for somewhere else now, not purely because of that mind you. :(



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Feedback from IG on all these suggestions would be nice - reasons why popular ideas haven't been implemented despite clear demand, eg online equity option trading, error-spike removal from charts, volume moving averages.

It's so annoying when platforms have a "community suggestions" forum that seems to just get completely ignored so that basic simple fixes get over-looked yet some other new-fangled bells and whistles periodically get added that nobody had actually requested nor would find especially useful.

We'd at least like to know which suggestions were likely to  be considered and which had no chance.


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It defies belief that you would provide audible alerts for filled orders but not for stops. I don't think there is a trading platform on the planet that lacks this feature. I have to have my mobile phone alerts turned on so I know when stops are hit.

This must be benefiting IG somehow at the expense of it's customers but I haven't yet figured out how.

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    • Hi does anyone know how to work out the credit received when selling a strangle in the IG platform?
    • @Toppie_Australia If you want to trade crypto use a crypto broker such as FTX and Binance their quite reputable and their margins are hugely smaller than IG. Personally I don't like the Binance platform it's just too confusing to navigate around and their id verification is a nightmare (just don't even go there).  I prefer using the 3commas platform and use the API interface to connect my brokerage accounts.   
    • I think most professional traders have that methodology and mindset its what sets us apart from the rest I don't look at the VIX, as with cycles for you, the VIX isn't of interest to me, done perfectly well without the need for it so far and that won't change going forward  
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