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Features you want added to IG

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Oh, John the Baptist!  The voice of one crying out in the wilderness!  Make straight thy paths ... repent ye, for the day of the Lord is nigh.

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IG pivots versus how pivots should actually be implemented






You hopeless b4stards.

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Technical Analysis features in the API. I'd like to be able to query Support and Resistance Levels

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4 hours ago, TheGuru12 said:

Technical Analysis features in the API. I'd like to be able to query Support and Resistance Levels

Oh yeah

You mean ... you can't do technical analysis using their API? 😮 

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One of the most powerful advantages that institutional traders can have is the ability to see open orders in the markets. Now you too can have that advantage with OANDA's Order Book tool. 

See the buy and sell orders including limit, stop loss, take profit and trailing stop orders of other OANDA clients. You can also view long and short positions in the markets.


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On 14/09/2020 at 06:28, dmedin said:


IG's IT team are absolutely f*king useless.

New features get added to tradingview.com all the f*king time without the world falling in.

Lazy c*nts.

Their customer service isn't up to much either; I asked a question about an error message I was getting ('Market is not available' - despite the fact it's blatantly open) and I was told I'd get a reply the next day. That was 17 days ago now...

I'm actively searching for somewhere else now, not purely because of that mind you. :(



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    • this probably should have been ignored, but IMHO it was a new low.  obviously jlz tried to help someone here, and referred to others to add emphasis to a point.  I'm writing this because I actually asked for support in my earlier response, and I'm very pleased I'm not the only one who reacted to this post thoughtfully, so I think it would be pretty weak if I didn't speak up here. That may make me look ridiculous, and like my tongue is now travelling through a bunch of cracks, but I don't give a **** (like I think you would not either).    I'm actually surprised that you @dmedin  left it to this statement - usually you're significantly more effective in warning people of the hazards we face as retail punters IMHO - I think you definitely had stronger moments. you know what I would find useful:  having a separate, focused thread for insults  - I'm sure by now the respective targets wouldn't mind (to not again say not give a ****), and other discussions could become - let's say "leaner". I genuinely think I got a lot of valuable insights from many of your posts here, and I highly appreciate the honest feedback, and I also believe you have good intentions. I don't know about any history between you, jlz, THT, and Caseynotes.  I further think you play an important role here in this forum and I look forward to more productive discussions with you. But the post quoted above was a new low.     
    • Wall Street holding up still 🤔  
    • I'd given up on Dax but here it comes!