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ESMA leverage caps

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Guest Dave


Recently started with IG Index. Wanted to place a bet on a $10 share, at £100 a point. I had deposited $10,000 in my account to fund this bet. Since you can't go into negative equity this limits my risk to losing $10K.

When I tried to place the bet I had an error saying things along the line that the exposure was too high for the margin? 

Consequently I manually adjusted the bet down incrementally until I get to $15 a pip at which point the IG platform allowed me to place the bet. The price moved in my favour by 70 points and I made a profit of $1,050 based on the capped bet of $15 per pip. But I should have made $100 x 70 = $7,000. So the cap cost me $6,000

This cap on leverage is incredibly costly, annoying and I can't see how it is calculated? I know people will say it is there to protect the small investor, but if I calculate what I can afford to lose and bet accordingly I do not need a nanny state limiting my bets.

Question: please can you give an example how to calculate the maximum bet based on a formula and the restrictions of the levarge cap.

Question: What effective ways are there to increase your leverage? i) deposit more money in your account? ii) open an international spread bet account where ESMA regulations don't apply? Etc etc? Please provide details.



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