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Easy Modelling of Historic data Watch List performance



I have what I would think is an easy problem - how to get a report or chart of past performance for a particular watch list. I'm not sure if there is some easy way to do this via watchlist and charting functionality within the platform, or if I need to be looking at APIs/IG lab or whatever.

Alternatively, is there an easy way to download daily closing price data for the stocks in a watch list? Then I could just do the modelling in excel.

For example, I have two watchlists I've created -

The first one is of seven stocks from which I will be trade once a month, and I want to see how an equal value allocation across all 7 stocks would have performance over say the past 7 years (eg. plot to the total value of a model portfolio based on daily closing price if I'd invested $1,000 in each of the 7 stocks seven years ago). And going forward I'd like to use a similar equal value allocation model (rebalanced each month) as a benchmark against which I could compare my actively traded portfolio (that allocates to a subset of 2 of these 7 stocks each month).

The second example is where I have an allocation of stocks in a watch list I'd like to backtest performance of a particular allocation eg. Set the initial allocation and rebalance to that value allocation annually and see how it would have gone over the past 7 years or whatever time period.

eg. If I have the following watchlist and want to see how it would have performed with a particular asset allocation eg. 

7.5% BetaShares Commodities Basket ETF - Currency Hedged (Synthetic)

7.5% ETFS Physical Gold - GOLD

40% SPDR Portfolio Long Term Treasury ETF

15% iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF

30% Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund ETF Sh AE - VTI

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