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Order help: your order level is too far from the current price

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I am new to trading and am practising on a demo account. I am trying to place an order, but get the error "Your order level is too far from the current price".


My understanding is that "price level" is the price at which the order will be filled. What unit is it in and why is it "too far"? It looks very close on the chart on the left. I tried inputting 18.11 but the grey line drops to close to zero.

Apologies in advance if this is an obvious question, I am just starting out. Would really appreciate any help!

Many thanks.

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Well I was searching for this topic as well and didn't found answers but now I recon that the price you are ordering shouldn't be FAR from LAST TRADED or PERVIOUS CLOSE price, which I believe you can go and check on google to see the last traded value since you are currently trying to trade(open order) on closed market. I believe it won't happen in active market.

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