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Missing open position

Guest Ovidiu

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Guest Ovidiu

Today i had my FIRS bad experience with IG platform 

I had a nice day trading until last trade that taken all my profit plus 

I bet only on 1 stock TODAY i study alot about it ive made profit of £52 then my last bet on same stock was a horror the open position disappears and the stok was going crazy on negative balance it reapear at -61 i closed the position then the stock start to go up again was not more then 2 minutes. VERY STRANGE 

Wasn't a glich this was happening on my laptop and on phone app everything is recorded .

Please i have a small account i try very hard to build up and i want my money back.

A billion pounds company cannot have this escuse about glich or volatility because i only done 4 trade on same stock 

IG ?

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