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Make use of the empty rows for SETSqx (Market Maker) stocks on L2

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I have L2 enabled on my account and trade mostly AIM stocks, which uses Market Makers on SETSqx. But unless I use the Windows L2 Dealer application, I find the information available on the web or mobile platforms to be a bit underwhelming.


I have a simple solution to suggest...


Instead of seeing this on the trade window/tab for a stock:

75,000 @ 17.75 | 15,000 @ 18.5
<blank row>
<blank row>
<blank row>
For people with L2, it should be broken down to individual Market Maker positions - something like:
25,000 @ 17.75 | 15,000 @ 18.50  
25,000 @ 17.75 | 25,000 @ 18.75
25,000 @ 17.75 | 25,000 @ 18.75
15,000 @ 17.50 | 25,000 @ 19.00
And that way I can tell instantly from any of your trading platforms that it's 3v1 market makers on sell v buy, and at what typical quantity. And if one MM bails out, what price is likely to be next.
Please strongly consider changing this, as I believe it would be a quick fix and one that will provide a great deal more benefit for trading on-the-go (which is most of the time for me).

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Hi ,


Thanks for your suggestion, I can see why some clients would find this information useful, especially when they are on the move and unable to access the L2 Dealer platform.


I'll be sure to pass your comments to our platform development team for their consideration.


Many thanks,


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Any update on this? It should be only a few lines of code surely to "uncombine" the L2 indicative values in the feed and make it behave like normal SETS share feeds. I still don't understand why it was even done that way in the first place.


It is proving to be a real disadvantage not being able to see useful L2 information from the web or Android platform on these types of shares.



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I'm starting to get the feeling that those of us who like to invest in market maker / SETSqx stocks (most AIM ones) are the trading equivalent of second class citizens (L2 next-to-useless, no limit/stop orders available)...



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Hi ,


I have spoken to our app developers and at this stage there are no planned changes to the DMA interface coming in the near future. You make a good point in terms of how we can improve the way market depth is displayed on the app and it is something that is going to be looked at, however it will be quite some time before any DMA changes will be implemented.




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