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Newbie with a number of questions

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I recently joined IG, waiting for my live account to get started, meanwhile I having trying out the demo account on the web platform. 
I ran into some issues, hoping you could help me out. 
I have traded shares and options using interactive broker, this is my first time trying CFD and Knock out CFD. 
1) Is there a way to link the ticks on my watchlist to a single chart. Currently, each ticker opens its own chart and I need to resize it each time. 
2) When I trade knock out, sometimes I get this message "KNOCKOUT LEVEL MUST BE PLACED IN INCREMENTS This order exceeds the maximum allowed size per knockout level. Please reduce your size or call our helpdesk for further information"
How do I easily calculate the position amt with KO trades?  
3) I can create different tabs (e.g. workspace 1, workspace 2). Is it possible that the chart setting in 1 tab doesn't affect the other? 
4) The news and analysis has many subcategories   ( Top news, Fx, shares, Analysis, etc), is there a way I can add more than 1 "News and Analysis" to a workspace?
5) If I open a chart from the KO list, how do I add alerts? That function seems to be missing in KO charts? 
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