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Limit orders limited to last traded price

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Why is this even a requirement? I get that it's supposed to prevent "fat fingers" from making an error, however, is this fair for all clients to have to suffer and be restricted from placing limit orders beyond the 20% mark from last traded price? I've only just created an IG account, and feel like leaving right away already. It really is pathetic. 

Also, I have seen that moderators advised we call the dealing desk and they should be able to place the limit orders for us, so that is very great that we must spend £40.00 just to get a decently placed limit order. Is there any way around this? Will IG remove this 20% restriction on our accounts if we ask them to? Is there a charge to ask their dealing desk to place a limit order for us? Since this restriction feels like they want us to call, so they can bank on a £40.00 fee every-time we want to place limit orders. 

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