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A millennial in my household (Gen-Z to be accurate)'s suggestion....he has just opened an IG smart portfolio (Growth) along with some of his siblings....

Actually some of IG's competitors offer it already including AJBell Youinvest, and FinTech apps like First Direct, ...and anything selling into the Millennial marketplace.

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On 29/08/2020 at 14:33, rwi said:

Could IG please enable FINERGERPRINT LOGIN for their smartphone app?

Hi rwi, biometric authentication is already available on IG app, I use it multiple times a day. If it doesn't work on your smartphone perhaps check if it's enabled in settings?

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Thank you, I've now managed it.

My Samsung needed me to verify biometrics in Samsung Pass before IG app would recognise it.

Confirmation that you were successfully using it on an Android device was the key to make sure I found a way.

Many thanks indeed for taking time out to reply.

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