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Remember trading is not 100% certain - we are working on probabilities People massively misuse Indicators - If you use Indicators properly they can serve a few purposes 1 of which is that th

at this stage, no I would not (more below).  for reasons given above (and others) I do however think this is simply the market segment where the action is for now, in both directions, and hence my cur

Nasdaq monthly 10 year trend channel Aggresive call buyers made it go "thru the roof" Will the parabolic move continue or is it back in the channel again? I would say back in the c

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11 minutes ago, HMB said:

...we're struggling for two days with 11350 and now jump above 11500 - because Nervous Nancy meets Non-Silent-M-Mnuchin...?  ...as in wow, surprise..?

Stevie Munchkin and the old drunken witch 🤮

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2 minutes ago, dmedin said:

I see where you're coming from on the one minute chart.

It's astonishing how different of a picture one gets from 15 minutes and 1 minute charts...



(went long again.  stop at 11335.)

  to me this just looks highly oscillating these days.  indicators may be late - and with that volatility give exactly the wrong signal.  some levels seem relevant (think Caseynotes got an important point there) - that seems to work these days.

I don't want to risk much these days - rather getting out too early and getting in again once it looks clearer.  hence shorter time frame.

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