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On 02/10/2020 at 21:51, dmedin said:

Wtf is that?

Oh don't mind me, I saw my own ghost again.  Like Macbeth when he goes to sit at table with his lords!  Banquo, is't really thou?

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Remember trading is not 100% certain - we are working on probabilities People massively misuse Indicators - If you use Indicators properly they can serve a few purposes 1 of which is that th

at this stage, no I would not (more below).  for reasons given above (and others) I do however think this is simply the market segment where the action is for now, in both directions, and hence my cur

Nasdaq monthly 10 year trend channel Aggresive call buyers made it go "thru the roof" Will the parabolic move continue or is it back in the channel again? I would say back in the c

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...I mean Jay basically demanded fiscal stimulus, Don Quarantino on the phone with party leaders...  what else does an efficient market need to push valuations closer to infinity...? 

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3 minutes ago, dmedin said:


Oh dear, I don't understand that stuff at all 🤯

don't worry - compared to SPX OI it's tiny - probably nothing

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horribly poor grammar corrected...
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...this one is still more relevant, I think...  guess it's Softbank, maybe they built up the hedge first to then buy calls later (there were some rumors about a new whale buying calls on US large tech stocks late last week...)... anyway, the weekly reports to the CFTC published on Friday are as of COB Tuesday... so whatever you want people to see, you build up today, I suppose...






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thanks Josephine!  finally...!  raising stop to 11485.  still almost profitable this week... and it's already Tuesday!  ;)

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4 minutes ago, dmedin said:

oh sh!t, I told you it was treacherous 😢 

yea, but this time it was lucky, average open was at 11455 (stop 11515) , think I call it a day - no view yet on what to make of that tweet

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gloves came off - WH super-spreader turns on the heat.  wouldn't be an American election if it didn't get more thrilling than the polls suggest... would it  

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    • Hi THT, I assume you have this vertical time grid plotted out in advance and you're waiting to see if the market obeys it.  Is this time cycle purely derived from observation?  So following the Covid crash you could observe 3 lows and plot 3 vertical lines and see that theres roughly an equal distance between them. You could then plot out more further in time with the same interval. That seems very simplistic but perhaps that is not how you come about it. When I say it looks simplistic I realise there is a lot more to a strategy than this observation to make it work. 
    • I don’t think I’ve ever come across an accurate post like this.
    • but if bitcoin is really 24 hours, does it open even on the weekends?
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