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12 min video on trading journals, how they can help to develop your trading and eliminate costly mistakes. The vid is made by Rolf of Tradeciety for Edgewonk who market a ‘pay for’ excel journal but there are a few free downloads on the web such as ‘Trade JournalV2’ and ‘Trading log V3’ excel spreadsheets. (I prefer the V2).

As these are spreadsheets so a lot of the input is by drop down boxes so quick to use and the variables can be changed to suit the individual trader plus totals such as strike rate and risk reward ratio are calculated automatically.

The main difference between the free and pay for are that the free ones don’t do projections.


Below is the link to the vid then some screen shots of V2 and V3.






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Thanks  Useful info as always :smileyhappy:



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    • Thanks for clarifying. The support person clearly did not understand this at all, and the website is very vague! The 0.5% is something I'm used to from other platforms, and much easier to absorb as a cost on small positions when making a good entry
    • There was another fork the other day - Bitcoin Latinum - the world's largest "insured" digital asset. One wonders if every time another variant is created it simply draws away potential investors from the original version. I bet committed Bitcoiners wish these variants would all just fork off 😉 I saw something the other day that happened to mention that a Bitcoin was worth about 10 ounces of Gold.......then it hit me - would I prefer to be offered one Bitcoin out there in the ether or ten ounces of physical Gold in my actual possession? 10 Bitcoin to buy a single ounce of Gold intuitively feels like the more sensible way around as I'm certain that Gold is safe but several times less certain that Bitcoin is - so we could be out by a factor of 100! But whilst fund managers all start allocating the odd fractional percent to get exposure to Alpha for minimal portfolio downside the price will probably hold or bubble up even more. It will be interesting though  if national regulators later turn round and ban funds from holding cryptos - then they will all have to rush for the exit at the same time. Maybe that's the ultimate expected outcome.  According to Wikipedia in March 2018 0.5% of bitcoin wallets owned 87% of all bitcoins ever mined. Imagine if  transferring that 87% to fund managers at peak prices is the intended end-game before it all collapses? It would make Bernie Madoff look like a mere pick-pocket.