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Why am I stopped out when the price is no where near my stop?



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I'm seeing this on the demo account too - price is close-ish to the stop but doesn't hit it and this is confirmed by the high/low of the candle it was in.

FTSE 100
Position opened: 9KS37YAS


the higher the 1m candle got to was 6506.7 - so 0.5 pips away - why was the stop triggered?

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This is because of the spread between the buy and sell price of the share. Although it may not look like it is on your stop loss exactly, price would have momentarily hit the exact level and sold you out. If you are taking a small number of shares it is easier for this to happen, as you can get filled easily. If you purchase Level 2 market data you will be able to see this clearly. Check your stop loss is at least 3x spread to give the share sufficient room to move.

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