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API setup issues with Trailing Stops - Spread Bet account



Hi All, 

As the title says I am having some difficulty setting up a Trailing Stop in my setup. I am able to send an order with a normal Stop Loss and a Take Profit with no issues, but trying to get the Trailing Stop to setup is leaving me puzzled.....

The error returned is, "invalid.request.trailingStop" message, despite trailing stops definitely now being enabled on the account.

What's got me stumped, is that I am able to successfully place the order using the API explorer, but not from AWS or a script on my computer, even when the request parameters are identical. 

I made sure that the request headers and request body in AWS matched the message body and headers as shown in the API explorer... But still no dice.

I also made sure the headers included the V2 tag, as some forum somewhere said that was a potential cause of the problem.

If anyone can help shine some light on this, it would be hugely appreciated!



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